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Neocon offers disinformation about Occupation in ‘LA Times’

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Anonymous writes: I think you’ve followed Robert Pape’s work quite closely. It is very important. Neocon  Max Boot has now taken it up in the LA Times:

Yet by 2004 the intifada was over. Suicide bombings have not been a serious threat to Israel since. This is because of the effectiveness of countermeasures such as erecting a security barrier along the West Bank and searching just about everyone entering a public premise in Israel, combined with targeted operations to arrest or kill militant leaders.

His error here has to do with his misrepresentation of the barrier as being "along the West Bank" when everybody paying attention should know that the vast majority of it is inside the West Bank. To say "along" without also saying "inside" is to misrepresent reality and mislead readers.I haven’t even got into his use of the term "targeted operations." Those targeted operations killed 47 innocent bystanders in 2003, while 44 actual targets were killed. That’s hardly a "targeted" result when there’s such "collateral" damage. I wonder if some of this knowledge motivated Anat Kamm. From the State Department.

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