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Boston Science Museum promotion of Israeli technology is angrily disrupted

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Further evidence of the yawning chasm in the American discourse on Israel. Here is video taken during a forum at the Boston Museum of Science Tuesday about Israel’s technological achievements–and all the great opportunities in Israeli business. The session begins with speakers expressing enthusiasm about all the Nobel Prize winners and innovation in Israel and is promptly disrupted by two demonstrators coming out on stage with a bedsheet saying, "Don’t Invest in Israeli Apartheid."

"It’s not!" cries someone in the crowd. "It’s a good country. It’s a democracy." It goes on from there.

Oh the innocence of those criers in the crowd. And the intensity of the demonstrators. This is the chasm. Our mainstream is forcibly dedicated to a false image of our closest ally in the Middle East. And the grass roots are angry and engaged, and growing by the minute.

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