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‘Commentary’ calls Walt an ‘intellecual terrorist’ and Khalidi an ‘anti-Semite’

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This is whack. The June issue of Commentary, not yet on line, has a symposium on "Obama, Israel & American Jews: The Challenge," in which Robert Satloff, the head of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, calls Stephen Walt an "intellectual terrorist" and Norman Podhoretz, pater familias of the Podhoretz clan, calls Rashid Khalidi an anti-Semite. ("…in spite of Barack Obama’s close association with the anti-Semitic likes of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Professor Rashid Khalidi…").

These are ugly attacks and reflect the lobby’s desperation in the struggle to maintain its purchase in the elites. Both the targets are Establishment players, which is the reason they’ve been singled out, they just managed to squeeze in the doors. Steve Walt is a genteel guy who supports the two-state solution (and has shown great tolerance on the issue Satloff is upset about, dual loyalty). Khalidi is a New York-raised grandfather who has been extraordinarly accepting of Israel given his own family’s exposure to Israeli depredations. Yes, both are fierce critics of Israeli actions. But this is a power struggle; use anything. 

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