Your Israel lobby at work: ZOA blasts Obama appointee for saying al-Quds

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The Chas Freeman treatment. Go after anyone who sounds like he thinks Arabs are people. I have to believe that this is a sign of unraveling. The Zionist Organization of American is going after a deputy Homeland Security adviser, John Brennan, for using the Arabic name of Jerusalem, al-Quds, in a speech to describe his favorite city. "In the same speech, Brennan also spoke of his time at the American University in Cairo in the 1970s, referring to the common aspirations of his former Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian classmates, including the freedom “to practice our faith freely…" Shocking.

Morton Klein, head of the ZOA:

“John Brennan is yet another hand-picked Obama adviser who shows a distinct animus against Israel and partiality for its enemies. It is unsurprising that, when Barack Obama is advised by people like these, quite apart from the President’s own troubling history of friendships with vicious critics of Israel and having belonged for two decades to an anti-Israel, anti-American black supremacist church, the Obama Administration has ignited major tensions in its relations with Israel while not holding accountable and penalizing the Palestinian Authority (PA) for continuing terrorism and incitement to hatred and murder.”

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