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September 2010

Makovsky: Obama will give it up for Israel for a two-month freeze extension

Ira Glunts on

According to a startling report in the Jerusalem Post, David Makovsky of the Washington Institute of Near East Policy told Israeli Army Radio that President Obama is asking (read begging) Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept a two-month temporary settlement freeze.  In exchange, Washington will promise never to bother Israel about freezing the settlements again and […]

Hamas crackdown further limits Gaza’s distractions from the siege

Hani Almadhoun on

I have been watching with disappointment the news coming from Gaza regarding the government’s crackdown on popular attractions where many Gazans plan their staycations. According to a number of Gaza investors, making a large investment in Gaza requires you to be an affiliate of Hamas or partner with one who is. Otherwise, your investment is […]

The Jewish boat and the ‘peace process’

Pamela Olson on

As yet another boat—a Jewish one this time—is forcefully boarded by the Israeli navy while attempting to run the blockade of Gaza, a natural question for many Americans is: Why are boats still trying to run the blockade when Abbas and Netanyahu are in the middle of a peace process? Let’s leave aside for the […]

Israel’s government by chaos

Matthew Taylor on

Check out Carlo Strenger’s hilarious ditty today in Haaretz on Israel’s “glorious government by chaos”: It is my great honor to explain [Israel’s contradictory foreign policy positions] in the tradition of my master teacher, and one of the greatest specialists in explaining the complex dynamics of special countries and revolutionary policies: Borat Sagdiyeff….

Slater: As a Zionist, I came to believe in tough love for Israel, and then–

Jerome Slater on

The other day Jerome Slater participated with Adam Horowitz, Steve Walt, and MJ Rosenberg in a discussion at the Palestine Center hereabout blogging. Slater, a longtime professor of history and in the last year a blogger, subsequently published his opening speech, Why I Blog. It includes this description of his personal progress on the issue. […]

In my Cairo hotel, I meet a family that is desperate to get to Gaza

Susan Johnson on

Mondoweiss correspondent Susan Johnson of Doylestown, Pa., has been stuck in Cairo, trying to get into Gaza, where two organizations have requested her services. Her latest report. Here I sit in my cheap little Cairo hotel…people coming and going, some more interesting than others….a mother in her sixties with two adult sons she constantly berates…barges […]

Jews with guns

Philip Weiss on

My wife and I were talking about our visit to Israel. I could relate to Israelis in a way that she could not. I wanted to write about my feelings, for instance, about seeing so many Israeli youths with guns, in the bus station, coming home for the holidays, in the Old City, guns bouncing […]

Avigdor Lieberman’s UN speech shows the true face of Israel

Alex Kane on

Yisrael Beiteinu’s strong third-place showing in Israel’s February 2009 elections for the Knesset was met with dread and disgust from many different quarters. Avigdor Lieberman, the founder and leader of the far-right party and the current Foreign Minister, ran a campaign filled with fascist overtones as he called for “loyalty oaths” to be signed by […]

Rosengarten, sole American on boat: It is Jew against Jew

Philip Weiss on

We have received two accounts of the treatment of passengers and crew on the Jewish boat to Gaza. The first is from the American passenger on the boat, Lillian Rosengarten of New York (pictured at left among boat’s passengers in Cyprus earlier this week), a former refugee from Nazi Germany. The second is from Nurit […]

Once again, PA caves on Goldstone Report

Philip Weiss on

Complete cave: The Palestinian Authority today acted in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to freeze the Goldstone Report, preventing it from going to the Security Council and International Criminal Court. Raji Sourani of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights blasted the PA’s action as a “grave mistake.” Reports a friend: The resolution the […]

UN report: Israeli interception of the Gaza flotilla was illegal

Adam Horowitz on

More from the UN report into the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Notice that the report also makes clear that the entire Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal as a form of collective punishment. The following appears on pages 14 and 15 of the UN report: Under the laws of armed conflict, a […]

In NYT, Robt Wright dares to suggest that Palestinians should have a right to, unh, vote

Philip Weiss on

Robert Wright of the New York Times is a great journalistic ally in the road ahead. Because he knows the story, because he understands that the current situation is oppressive, because he’s in the mainstream, and because he couldn’t really care less about Zionism. Today he has a pretty good piece about demanding a one-state […]

Freeze was meaningless

Philip Weiss on

Great precise journalism by Matti Friedman of AP on how the settlement freeze was really just a slowdown, and hardly a slowdown, given the dropping of the freeze. “A few projects were delayed,” says Hagit Ofran of Peace Now. Let’s hope more mainstream news organizations pick up on this insult to American policy and intelligence.

Sailing into the storm

Philip Weiss on

One of the most disturbing things about visiting Israel and Palestine is seeing the bifurcated reality. Political freedom and prosperity in Israel, despair and 60 years of no-rights right across the Green Line. Time Magazine brilliantly captured this separation in its cover story on Israelis making too much money to care about peace. Everything’s in […]

Pseudo-freeze ends, pseudo-liberals rejoice

Daniel Luban on

The following post originally appeared on Lobelog. Israel’s mostly-for-show settlement moratorium has expired, over the objections of the liberal pro-Israel group J Street, and the usual suspects on the right couldn’t be happier. More revealing, however, is the sight of Jeffrey Goldberg’s scarcely-concealed gloating over the fact that J Street “lost” the battle over a […]

IDF used excessive force to take Jewish Boat to Gaza. Shapira: ‘soldiers’ actions were violent and disgusting’

Adam Horowitz on

The story is starting to change regarding the IDF interception of the Jewish Boat to Gaza. Initial reports (including ours) seemed to indicate that the IDF took the boat in a relatively nonviolent manner. The Times Lede blog included the Israeli military’s version of events, “The boarding of the yacht was without incident, and no violence […]


Philip Weiss on

Moustafa Bayoumi, editor of Midnight on the Mavi Marmara: The Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and How It Changed the Course of the Israeli/Palestine Conflict, the new flotilla book, pictured at left alongside Max Blumenthal at an event in New York on the book last night. Below them: Rashid Khalidi, Gail Miller of the […]

New video disproves settler version of Silwan shooting

Adam Horowitz on

From the Wadi Hilweh Information Center: Wadi Hilweh Information Center video reveals that the testimony given by the guard who killed Samer Sarhan last week Wednesday is invalid. The video recording was aired on Israeli Channel Two News. The killer told the Israeli police that the incident had occurred when he was trying to defend […]

Why aren’t our congressmen hearing from this victim of endless Israeli expansion?

Philip Weiss on

Now that Israel has made clear that the endless colonization process will continue, you’d think we might hear from the victims of that process. Meet Atta Jaber, a farmer whose house outside Hebron has been destroyed four times by settlers but who rebuilds and hangs on, rarely leaving his property, because he has no choice […]

Obama continues Bush policy promoting anti-democratic crackdown in the West Bank

Adam Horowitz on

Nathan Thrall has a great article in the current issue of the New York Review of Books on an issue that has received scant attention in the US press – US support for Salam Fayyad’s anti-democratic crackdown in the West Bank.  US support has come mainly through the work of Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, who […]

‘Why would YOU want to go THERE?’

Warda Yusuf on

This post introduces a new contributor, a young European Muslim who works in Israel/Palestine. She uses the Arabic pseudonym, Warda Yusuf, an homage to her grandfather, out of visa concerns. There she stood in a Cambridge University debating chamber, her stutter not failing her as she cried “A ba-ba-ba-BI-national state. A democracy for ALL. A-a-a-a […]

Walt & Mearsheimer should rename their book, ‘They’ve Got Us by the Short and Curlies’

Philip Weiss on

As years pass, the Walt and Mearsheimer thesis grows stronger and stronger, less arguable. The Israelis gobble more colonized territory, threatening the trickle of a process that Obama has started, and what does the Senate do? 87 Senators sign a letter pressuring Mahmoud Abbas!!! Letter is dated Sept. 24, and says nothing about colonization, but […]