Is he a reliable narrator?

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A year ago, Jeffrey Goldberg approvingly quoted a reader who said that the Jewish settlement of Gilo is part of Jerusalem:

First of all, Gilo is not a suburb of Jerusalem.  It’s a neighborhood in the city, i.e., within the city limits, forming the southernmost part of the city (not in “east” Jerusalem as a number of ignorant journalists have reported).

If you visit Gilo, you see that it is at the very least a suburb. It is on a hill a few miles south of Jerusalem and it is now gobbling up the lands of Walaje, a Palestinian village. There are demonstrations against this further illegal expansion all the time. Palestinian houses are being demolished, lands seized, farmers dispossessed. The unending narrative of 43 years of military-religious occupation.

And now we read in the Jewish Journal that

Goldberg forged his Jewish identity in response to some schoolyard anti-Semitism whose traumas left him longing for the so-called muscle Judaism represented by Zionism. As a teenager, he voraciously consumed Zionist literature by Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau and Vladimir Jabotinsky, and chose to go to a socialist Zionist camp in the Catskills, where summer games like “Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” and “Siege of Jerusalem” were imbued with historic seriousness [emphasis mine]

So you have a race man schooled in passion plays about Jerusalem. Is Goldberg a reliable narrator for Americans about what is or isn’t the occupation?

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