The thinktank of the Obama left is helping… Netanyahu!!

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I don’t know if you saw this:  Larry Korb, a former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration and (get this) a fellow at the liberal, Obama-connected Center for American Progress, has been in Israel lobbying for Jonathan Pollard’s release. The Times:

Lawrence J. Korb… who supports clemency for Mr. Pollard, accompanied Mrs. Pollard in the meeting with Mr. Netanyahu on Monday.

Mr. Korb told reporters here on Tuesday that he had told the prime minister that to “get the ball rolling,” Mr. Netanyahu should ask for Mr. Pollard’s release publicly and “not as a quid pro quo, but as a matter of justice.”

In addition, Mr. Korb said, Israel should acknowledge that it was wrong to have recruited a spy against its closest ally and, etc…

Spencer Ackerman gets the story here: Why in the world is a liberal thinktanker going to bat for a rightwing spy?

But it goes deeper than that: Does this not reflect how the Israel lobby has captured the Democratic Party?  To have an Obama-connected think tank fellow in Israel, with a right-wing Likudist, pushing for the release of someone who betrayed the US?

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