Esc and Ctrl: The Guardian investigates Israeli internet hasbara

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Yeah that’s an interesting video story, but I got a better one I think, or at least a more important one. Some years ago the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Danny Ayalon took a video that was put out by the Yesha Council (umbrella organization of the settlers) and put it into English. That video was essentially an argument about how Israel had a rightful claim to the West Bank. The Yesha Council/settlers have now… Read more »

That was a bit disappointing, it really wasn’t all that thorough of a report. I will say that I was (and still am) rather furious that Israel is using gay people as human shields to deflect criticism while they inflict a degree of suffering that will find itself on pages across from the Holocaust in future history books.

Israel can’t win the PR war. There is just too much info out there and there aren’t enough Ziobots to control it. It’s like my company’s firewall. If I try to find song lyrics on line I’ll get “Your request to URL “” has been blocked by the web filter URL Filter Database. The URL is listed in categories (Entertainment, Profanity) which are not allowed by XXX regulations.” So then I try the next link… Read more »

Not a very good report. Long on Caroline Glick, and short on information. Could Jon Ronson actually be (gasp!) an undercover PubDip agent, or even (horrors!) a Latma plant? Is there no end to hasbara cunning?

To be continued … (broadcast journo jargon for: ‘I know I haven’t got a story, but I think I’ll run it anyway’).