Ads calling for end to aid to Israel return to Bay Area subways, buses

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Civ Ctr crop5
Commuters headed for the BART platform at Civic Center station in San Francisco can’t miss
the campaign’s message.  

The solidarity activists who have been challenging public-transportation riders in the Bay Area to take a new look at the Israel-Palestine issue are at it again.

Ads calling for “peace with justice and equality” and an end to the U.S. aid to Israel went up last week in a prominent location in the Civic Center station in San Francisco as well as on 15 AC Transit buses servicing the East Bay area. Over the last year the sponsors, led by the Northern California Friends of Sabeel, have paid for similar ads at major stations on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Muni subway systems as well as on other buses and cable cars. The local effort is part of a campaign that began in Chicago and has since spread to New York City; Washington. DC; Portland, OR; Albuquerque, NM; and Arizona State University

The Bay Area ads again feature photos of Jeff Halper, the Minnesota-born Israeli activist and professor, and Salim Shawamreh, a Palestinian construction supervisor born in Jerusalem, each of them holding a grandchild. Halper is co-founder and coordinator of the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD); Shawamreh’s Jerusalem home has been destroyed by Israeli wrecking crews, then rebuilt by volunteers organized by ICAHD, four times since 1998.

You can donate to help continue and extend the Bay Area ad campaign here

AC crop4
AC Transit buses now carry the message through the streets of the East Bay.
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beautiful. this is the first time i have seen these ads w/Halper and Shawamreh. absolutely gorgous. i think they will resonate with the people of the bay area.

Yes! That’s why I live here!

Fantastic! congrats again to Northern california friends of sabeel and Martha Reese, the chicago based designer who came up with this concept that reaches for the heart and the mind.

great to see. I hope there can be a national campaign one day
to get the entire country discussing this.