Time Magazine says 2011 was the year of the Protester. We agree!

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yip protester
Palestinian from Al-Walaja protests the wall. (Photo: Anne Paq/Active Stills)

 The latest issue of Time Magazine honored this year’s “person of the year.”   The protester!

With particular attention to Occupy Oakland, Egypt, and even the Tea Party, Time detailed some of the major acts of dissidence across the globe, over the past year.  Time’s accompanying 36-image photo spread gives readers graphics from Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall St. movement, and we thought, we should provide readers without our own version of a year in protest–focusing on some the countries Time forgot to include– Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Yemen, and Palestine.

From Arab Spring to the home of the Intifada, our year in photos looks back over the past year of demonstrations against the wall, home demolitions, and demonstrations in support of rights–to pray, to mourn, and to return.   

yip bahrain
(Photo: John Moore/Getty)

February 14: Bahrain’s “day of rage.” One protester was killed, and 25 injured, in demands for constitutional changes, and the release of political prisoners.

(Photo: still/#Feb20 campaign)

February 20: A Moroccan anti-government protester explains: “I am Moroccan and I am joining the protest February 20th so education will be accessible for everyone not only the rich.”

Wounded protester in Oman. (Photo: Agence France Presse)

February 27: In Oman, over 2,000 demonstrators mark the third consecutive day of major protest in support of government from Sultan Qaboos bin Said.  

March 11: Left-wing Israeli activist join Palestinians in protest against settlers in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah

yip sheikh jarrah
Protesters in Sheikh Jarrah (Photo:Oren Ziv/Sheikh Jarrah)
yip silwan
Protester in Silwan. (Anne Paq/Active Stills)

March 11: The East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan protests home evictions. Israeli special forces and military fire tear gas, water, and chemical liquid into the interior of a Palestinian house.

yip unitymarch
Demonstrator in Bethlehem. (Photo: Anne Paq/Active Stills)

March 18: Non-partisan Palestinian youth stage demonstrations in support of a unity government.  Youth in Bethlehem organized cultural events in the Nativity Square during the three-day demonstration.

yip yomalarda
Protesters in Lod on Land Day. (Photo: Oren Ziv/Active Stills)

March 29: (Yom al-arda) Land Day: thousands of Palestinians march in Israel commemorating the killing of six Palestinians in 1976, who were marching against land expropriation in the Galilee.  1,500 demonstraters gather in Lod this year, chanting “enough with the ethnic cleansing.”

yip nakba leb
(Photo: Middle East Monitor)

May 15: Palestinians and supporters demonstrate along the Lebanese and Syrian boarders with Israel. The marches brought tens of thousands to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba, on its 63rd anniversary. At the Lebanese border, 12 Palestinians were killed, and 112 wounded.

yip nakba
(Photo: Active Stills)

May 15: Protesters demonstrating in Qalandia and Ramallah were attacked by the IDF, commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.

(Photo: Reuters)

June: protesters in Kuwait call for the removal of Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad al-Sabah, the Prime Minister.

yip bedouin
Protest against Praver Plan. (Photo: Anne Paq/Active Stills)

June 10:  5,000 demonstrate against the Parver Plan, the Israeli state plan to displace 30,000 bedouins from the Negev/Naqab.

yip jenin
(Photo: Anne Paq/Active Stills)

June 16: Students from the Jenin Freedom Theatre join the weekly Friday demonstrations in Bil’in, by dancing against land confiscations. The protest was met by “water-based chemical spray, tear gas and sound bombs, and later rubber coated bullets.”

Protester in Yemen (Photo: Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

June 28: protesters in Yemen demand the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

yip ramadan
(Photo:Oren Ziv/Active Stills)

August 26: demonstrators continue prayers despite the closure of Qalandia checkpoint, on the last Friday in Ramadan.

yip statehood
(Photo: Elo B/Active Stills)

September 21: Palestinians rally in Ramallah in support of the U.N. statehood bid.

yip political prisoners
(Photo: Oren Ziv/Active Stills)

October 18: Palestinians gather in Ramallah, rejoicing the release of 477 political prisoners. However, in two month’s time, the prisons have been “re-filled” with an additional 470 prisoners.

yip hunger strike
Man treated for injuries from tear gas at demonstration supporting the political prisoners’ hunger strike. (Photo: Anne Paq/Active Stills)

October 21: Palestinian demonstrators support the political prisoners’ hunger strike at Ofer military prison and court, in the West Bank.

yip gaza
(Photo: Lydia de Leeuw)

November 7: Mothers of political prisoners in Gaza demonstrate for the release of their children. 

yip tamimi alive
Mustafa Tamimi moments before fatal injury from IDF  tear gas canister. (Photo: EPA).

December 9: Palestinians protest against land confiscations in Nabi Saleh.  Israeli troops open up on some of them. Demonstrator Mustafa Tamimi (above left) is fatally injured by a teargas canister.

December 11: A Palestinian woman holds up a poster commemorating Mustafa Tamimi during his funeral procession in Nabi Saleh.

yip tamimi funeral
(Photo: Oren Zvi/Active Stills)

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Pretty good pics and info regarding occupy LA and masked ancient provocateur troublemakers. Anytime somebody feel the need to cover their face, question whose side they are really on.

It should be the year of the “Arab” protester, but Time cannot bring itself to give credit where credit is due.

Moreover, if the time person of the year is not Mohamed Bouazizi, there is simply non justice in this world….well, him or Lionel Messi, haha — Allez Barca!

allison, you’ve made an extraordinary effort here, a really stunning article.

i saw this (time’s article) when it came out and thought it would have made a good post and frankly didn’t think i could do it justice. this is really beautiful and an excellent addition to the site.

thanks you

RE: “Time Magazine says 2011 was the year of the Protester. We agree!” MY COMMENT: The authorities in Egypt do not seem to agree. VIDEO (02:48) – This video [with a haunting musical accompaniment] of the current demonstrations in Cairo, showing protesters being beaten, was posted to YouTube. [Uploaded by elfaresboda on Dec 17, 2011] Warning: Some of the scenes contain graphic violence. SOURCE – P.S. BACKGROUND FROM Ali Gharib at Think Progress, 12/17/11… Read more »

Thank you Allison for this excellent and righteous inclusion. I agree with Dex. Time magazine finds the word ‘Arab’ unsavory – a degree of their editorial racism. Hands down, the cover shoulda been dedicated to Mohamad Bouazizi who set off the global chain of events for the rest of the world. Here’s his portrait, his incredibly wonderful face close-up: The simple word ‘DIGNITY’ shoulda been the accompanying headline to Bouazizi’s portrait on the cover… Read more »