‘Love Under Apartheid’ tells the story of Palestinians fighting for the right to love

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On Monday February 13, human rights advocates launched a new website — — with the goal of sharing the stories of Palestinians struggling to maintain love and family relationships despite the boundaries imposed by Israeli apartheid. Israel’s systematic discrimination and segregation of Palestinians, the division of family by the apartheid wall and checkpoints, and the imposition laws of impeding Palestinian marriages have made certain forms of love impossible. By the afternoon, tweets using #LoveUnderApartheid had caused the hashtag to trend worldwide and in the United States, joining Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in popularity on the social media website.

A Palestinian citizen of Israel and a Palestinian from Gaza struggle to plan an uncertain future; Samer, a native Jerusalemite, is prevented from being with his mother during her last days battling cancer; Taiseer and Lana Khatib – who have captured the hearts of many already – fight to keep their family of four together in the face of the Israeli Citizenship Law. These are just some of the stories you will find in the short video clips on our website.

In a place where love is too frequently impeded by the Israeli government and its discriminatory laws, these stories hope to capture singular moments of love in struggle.

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‘Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it’. Always worth recalling the things of which great Jewish thinkers have reminded us. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some sense of proportion please. Take a peek at what happened on Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia at