‘New Republic’ says Obama ‘detests’ Netanyahu and treats him shabbily

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Yossi Klein Halevi has a piece up at The New Republic on Obama’s detestation of Netanyahu and how it skews his policy against Israel. Writes a friend:

Many falsehoods. That the settlement freeze fell through because of Palestinian recalcitrance; that Iranian dissidents in 2009 chanted en masse “Obama, are you with us or against us?” No dissident quoted in the U.S. ever said such a thing, but leaders of the dissidents did say that Obama’s stance was correct; that nothing but harm could come of American posturing and denunciation, given our history with Iran.

Most symptomatic is this paragraph:

Still, in recalling his record, Obama omitted some crucial details. Israelis still recall with disbelief how Obama refused to honor Bush’s written commitment to Ariel Sharon—that the U.S. would support settlement blocs being incorporated into Israel proper. And never has an American president treated an Israeli prime minister with such shabbiness as Obama has treated Netanyahu. Indeed one gets the impression that of all the world’s leaders, Obama most detests the prime minister of Israel.

It is completely ad hominem: a reading-in that implies Obama’s resentment toward a “strong” Jewish leader–borne out by none of the facts. Also note the first-person turn, away from logic and policy (therapeutically seeking reassurance), in the final two paragraphs.

For me to trust Obama on Israel’s ultimate security threat, I need him to speak directly to Iran, not to American Jews and the Israeli public. I need to know that he is as committed to a military solution as he is to a diplomatic solution, if the first option fails. I need to know what his red line is for determining when diplomacy has exhausted itself. …

Mr. President, I’m not reassured. On this one I need to watch my own back.           

What possible policy could answer such a fraternal plea? Answer: repeat after Netanyahu, “We are you, and you are us.”

We’re in for much more of this.

Update: An Iranian friend says that some Iranians did chant what Halevi says they chanted. “The Iranian words ‘oo ba ma’ means ‘he’s with us,’ which I heard was also chanted on its own. The Iranians depicted in this vid chanted: ‘Obama, Obama, ya ba oona  ya ba ma.’ That means, ‘Obama, Obama, either with them or with us.'” The author of my post points out that this activity never got wide circulation in the U.S. media.

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when an over-indulged child is finally told no by a parent that has had enough that child often lashes out in a petty, pouty way – not wanting the discipline that is now imposed and hoping to undo it as quickly as possible … only through sustained discipline does that child get molded to conform to a new, better type of behavior … the israeli regime, the Likkudniks and their agents and sympathizers here are… Read more »

Netanyahu isn’t even popular in Israel. It’s difficult to gauge because I can’t find any recent approval ratings. Even the ‘right-wing’ news gives him crap these days and several haaretz journalists at least speak their mind on the guy. A nation’s leader is supposed to represent the nation. That doesn’t always mean the nation likes the leader. Bush’s approval ratings were average until 9/11 when they soared. Then they dropped to average again until the… Read more »

What about Yahoo’s condescending, arrogant, patronising, bullying treatment of Obama, and all of America? That goes way beyond ‘shabby’ into outright hostile, mobster-like attempts at intimidation and protection racket huckstering. There are plenty people in Israel who find the demagogue, the little tyrant, offensive, destructive and totally lacking in leadership. His legacy will be to have alienated the US and brought into the open for once the dependent aggressiveness of Israel towards the US, their… Read more »

RE: “It is completely ad hominem: a reading-in that implies Obama’s resentment toward a “strong” Jewish leader–borne out by none of the facts.” ~ Weiss SEE: The Dilemmas of Israeli Power, by Roger Cohen, New York Times Op-Ed, 2/13/12 (excerpt). . . Some of the most fascinating pages of “The Crisis of Zionism” [by Peter Beinart] trace the ideological backdrop to the bitter clash between Obama and Netanyahu. Beinart demonstrates the strong liberal Zionist influence… Read more »

RE: “‘New Republic’ says Obama ‘detests’ Netanyahu and treats him shabbily” ~ Weiss

MY COMMENT: Obama could slather Netanyahu with wet kisses from head to toe leaving ‘passion marks’ on top of ‘passion marks’; and the ‘New Republic’ would still say that Obama treats Netanyahu shabbily!