Obama’s selective view of the struggle for human dignity

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Obama and Wiesel at Holocaust Memorial Museum with museum director Sara Bloomfield photo by Pete Souza
Obama and Elie Wiesel at Holocaust Memorial Museum yesterday with museum director Sara Bloomfield (photo by Pete Souza)

In his speech at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., flanked by such Zionist luminaries as Elie Wiesel and Michael Oren, Obama referred to “those sacred grounds at Yad Vashem,” the vast Holocaust memorial complex in Jerusalem. But considering the horrors of the Holocaust didn’t occur anywhere near the grounds of Yad Vashem, one has to wonder what makes those grounds so hallowed.  After all, Auschwitz is over 1,500 miles away from Jerusalem; Treblinka is nearly 1,600 miles away; Dachau is almost 1,700 miles away; Buchenwald is over 1,800 miles away.  Do all Holocaust Museums stand on “sacred ground” just because of the subject matter they commemorate?  If so, wasn’t Obama himself standing on sacred ground at 100 15th Street SW in the District of Columbia?  Will the ground upon which the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of (In)Tolerance is being built be sacred because of the museum, or because of the ancient Muslim cemetery it has uprooted and destroyed?

Perhaps the grounds of Yad Vashem are sacred, though.  Only a short distance away, within eyesight, is where Deir Yassin used to be before Zionist militias wiped it and its inhabitants off the face of the Earth.

Obama spoke of atrocities committed upon countless innocents, “just for being different, just for being Jewish” and warned against “the bigotry that says another person is less than my equal, less than human.”  One wonders what he would say if confronted with the fact that the indigenous people of Palestine are deliberately, systematically and institutionally discriminated against, imprisoned without charge or trial, occupied and colonized, bombed and burned, shot at and under siege because they are not  Jewish and because they refuse to forget who they are and where they come from, they refuse to acquiesce to the six and a half decades of ethnic cleansing, aided and abetted, funded, immunized and ignored by the nation Barack Obama now represents.

Obama said today that “‘Never again’ is a challenge to defend the fundamental right of free people and free nations to exist in peace and security — and that includes the State of Israel.”  He mentioned Israel by name six additional times in his speech.  Never once did the words Palestine or Palestinians cross his lips.  He then proceeded to conflate Zionism with Judaism, present international law as anti-Semitic, and pulled a Netanyahu by warning of the looming specter of a caricatured Iran, one that exists only in the warped minds of fear merchants and warmongers. 

Said Obama, “When faced with a regime that threatens global security and denies the Holocaust and threatens to destroy Israel, the United States will do everything in our power to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

Obama spoke of civilians “subjected to unspeakable violence, simply for demanding their universal rights,” he spoke of “all the tanks and all the snipers, all the torture and brutality unleashed against them,” and vowed to “sustain a legal effort to document atrocities so killers face justice, and a humanitarian effort to get relief and medicine” to those desperately in need.  Obama praised those who “still brave the streets,” who “still demand to be heard” and “still seek their dignity.”  He praised the “people [who] have not given up.”

He was referring to Syria, of course, and not to Bil’in, Ni’lin, or Budrus. He didn’t mean tanks in Gaza or the torture and abuse of Palestinians–even children in Israeli jails.  When he spoke of “unspeakable violence,” the “humanitarian effort” and the “legal effort to document atrocities so killers face justice,” Obama obviously didn’t mean the devastation of Gaza by the Israeli military, the ongoing humanitarian crisis there or the recommendations of the Goldstone Report.

Obama patted himself on the back for “sign[ing] an executive order that authorizes new sanctions against the Syrian government and Iran and those that abet them for using technologies to monitor and track and target citizens for violence.”  Of course, these sanctions were not extended to U.S. chums Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, or South Korea – all places were internet censorship is rampant and pervasive.

Obama concluded by stating, “To stare into the abyss, to face the darkness and insist there is a future — to not give up, to say yes to life, to believe in the possibility of justice” and declared, “If you can continue to strive and speak, then we can speak and strive for a future where there’s a place for dignity for every human being.”

He was speaking, rightfully, to the survivors of the Holocaust.  But he was also, unwittingly and unwillingly, speaking for those who continue to struggle for equal rights, for universal rights, for dignity, freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, for justice long deferred in their own historic and ancestral homeland.  He was speaking for Palestine.  But don’t tell Elie Wiesel.

Nima Shirazi has been actively following Holocaust remembrance as a means of supporting Israel.

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“In his speech at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.,” Don’t get me started on the fact that we have this place on the mall but not one for the crimes which actually occured in the USA: slavery and the genocide of the Native Americans. I have no issue with this museum, per se, but it never should have been built before the other two. As for Obama: forget him. Even if my vote is… Read more »

Just thought I’d throw this out there: There is no American Slavery Museum in Washington. Sort of like Germany having an American Slavery Museum, but no Holocaust Museum.

I like the comparatives made here. The hypocrisy is in full display here. This is the same man that was on a plane to Egypt after his election to make his historic speech titled, A New Beginning. What irks me is how he can be so malleable for a venue. He want’s to be the man who give the big speeches, but his actions within closed events and his lack of political will are what… Read more »

Marcy Wheeler has a piece on these developments at her Website, emptywheel: Defying the Rules of Gravity, Obama Directs Sanctions Solely against Israel’s Enemies.

By the way, I just checked the White House Web site. Today, Apr. 24, is Armenian Remembrance Day (in honor of the Armenian genocide), for which Obama issued statements one, two, and three years ago. So far today, there has been no statement this year.

I didn’t see it on the WH site either, but he did it, just didn’t mention genocide or never again, etc:

CF: “… as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.” — Barak Obama, 2006