Jewish Democrat org positions Obama to right of Romney on Israel

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Romney is baaadddd for Israel
Romney is anti-Israel, NJDC ad says

The National Jewish Democratic Council has slammed Romney for his statement a week ago that when it comes to Israel, he would “do the opposite” of Obama as president. You can see from the ad above and from the statement below, that the NJDC is positioning Obama to the right of Romney. And implicit in the comments about the U.N. at the NJDC site are support for Israel’s endless colonization of the West Bank.

Instead of what President Obama has done, would he not:

…Match Obama’s unprecedented record of voting with Israel 100% of the time at the United Nations? 

…Have a top-to-bottom policy of standing up consistently and passionately for Israel at the United Nations like Obama – especially considering that certain members of his party see the UN as either pointless or something the U.S. should draw away from?

If Romney were to “do the opposite” on any of these things, Israel would face more security, diplomatic and other challenges….

For the sake of Israel’s security, Romney must clarify his statement immediately and explain what he would really do differently, if anything.

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Nothing new here. The only direction is able to move is to the right.

Obama’s slogan in his campaign for re-election, “Yes we con!”

Well it seems to me Obama personally disagrees with Israeli policies. And it’s true we haven’t seen during Obama’s term the kind of massacre that happened in Gaza during Bush’s term. Plus, the Republicans are more gung-ho for war with Iran and considering the stupidity of invading Iraq, it seems… Read more »

Jewish lobby within Democratic Party is celebrating the promises of continuation of illegal US policies against Palestine and against Iran. Earlier we have heard how Biden and US military and even Clinton have complained that Israeli activities are fulling Arab /muslim anger.We also know that Jewish lobby has claimed how… Read more »

Ironically, the only thing I wouldn’t do in the litany of ‘opposites’ is ‘promote the holocaust denial’… Other than that, all else is exactly what needs to happen…! Maybe it’s just me tho…?