Message to Pamela Geller: Free speech, not hate speech

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A friend sent along the following photos. For more on the Geller ad, see here.

8/12/12 San Francisco Muni Bus Ad: Before
8/16/12 San Francisco Muni Bus Ad: After
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“Jihad” can be understood as code for Islamic or Muslim. It may be understood in its non-code meaning as a “struggle” or “war” and people who think of it as meaning (or embracing) “terrorism” (i.e., violence against non-combatants which the USA dislikes and does not support) will think that “jihad” is properly called “savage”. (Muslims who understand “jihad” more broadly will think otherwise.) However, because it can be understood as code for Islamic or Muslim,… Read more »

Great work. It’s just a shame it obscures the original text. Those ads far better serve to display the evil bigotry of Geller and her ilk than garner support for Israel.

Not a fan of that, they shouldn’t have blocked it out.

is there a worse term than “hate speech”? I’ve always found it so distasteful, I always think “Thought Crime” when I hear or read it.

hey, political it.

Geller will declare the attachment anti-Semitic.