Romney says that Obama ‘has thrown… Israel under the bus’

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This was the brief segment on foreign policy in Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech last night. Yes I know Clint Eastwood stole the show, but this went down after 11 pm.

On another front, every American is less secure today because he has failed to slow Iran’s nuclear threat. In his first TV interview as president, he said we should talk to Iran. We’re still talking and Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning. President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba.

Notice that Iran is a threat to the U.S. I’m sure Obama will push back today. Though he is running against Romney on abortion rights, on gay marriage and other progressive themes — he can’t run against this. He will state vehemently that he has not thrown Israel under the bus, and he hasn’t: because he has backed away on every statement he made about the conflict in that first few months of his presidency.

Apologies for the ad in that video. And thanks to Ira Glunts.

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I think one reason the “thrown Israel under the bus” phrase is so beloved by Romney and his team is because they think it has the added purpose of telling ordinary Americans that even though unlike them, Romney never uses public transportation, at least he knows what a bus is.

Who would have guessed that Mitt Romney was such an irresponsible thrower of rhetorical Molotov cocktails? A real crank? At one time Romney struck most people as being fairly moderate and rational — that was a mistake. I am betting that Mormons, like Christian Zionists, harbor some very crazy ideas about Jews, Israel and Jerusalem. It is a travesty that the mainstream media haven’t dug into what those “mystical” views might be — they could… Read more »

Well said. As you indicated in an another post, the mainstream media needs to dig in to the relationships between internationally organized crime, the Israel lobby,
and Adelson as they relate to the dismantling, subversion of our political process.
It’s these relationships which are utilizing “mystical” religious views as a cover for untrammeled political ambition as well as greed without end.

Yep, this is absolutely right. It’s pure campaigning, doesn’t have any relationship to reality. Romney has used this line throughout his run for the nomination.

RE: “President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba.” ~ Mitt “the flip-flopper” Romney MY COMMENT: ¡Viva Fidel! Long live The Castro! Haight-Ashbury too! Now the bad news! The head of Israel’s “extortion racket”, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be coming to the US next month in an effort to give the Romney/Ryan campaign a boost! • EXTORTION – SEE: “Netanyahu to deliver… Read more »