‘Today I saw a lynch with my own eyes, in Zion Square, in the center of Jerusalem’

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Jerusalem 2012. The account first appeared on Facebook in Hebrew. Translated by Haaretz:

Dozens of Jewish youths attacked three young Palestinians in Jerusalem’s Zion Square early on Friday morning, in what one witness described as “a lynch” on Facebook.


The three were allegedly attacked by youths shouting “Death to the Arabs” at them, as well as other racial slurs. One of them fell on the floor, and his attackers continued to beat him until he lost consciousness. They subsequently fled from the scene.

Within a short period of time rescue volunteers and Magen David Adom rescue services arrived on the scene, and found the victim with no pulse and not breathing. After a lengthy resuscitation attempt, he was transferred to hospital.

Writing on her Facebook page, one eye witness decribed the attack as a lynch: “Its late at night, and I can’t sleep. My eyes are full of tears for a good few hours now and my stomach is turning inside out with the question of the loss of humanity, the image of God in mankind, a loss that I am not willing to accept.”

“But today I saw a lynch with my own eyes, in Zion Square, the center of the city of Jerusalem ….. and shouts of ‘A Jew is a soul and Arab is a son of a –,’ were shouted loudly and dozens (!!) of youths ran and gathered and started to really beat to death three Arab youths who were walking quietly in the Ben Yehuda street,” the witness wrote.

“When one of the Palestinian youths fell to the floor, the youths continued to hit him in the head, he lost consciousness, his eyes rolled, his angled head twitched, and then those who were kicking him fled and the rest gathered in a circle around, with some still shouting with hate in their eyes.”

“When two volunteers [from local charities] went into the circle, they tried to perform CPR the mass of youths standing around started to say resentfully that we are resuscitating an Arab, and when they passed near us and saw that the rest of the volunteers were shocked, they asked why we were so in shock, he is an Arab.

Mairav Zonszein has an account here. (Hat tip MW commenter Taxi)

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teaching children supremacy and hate never bodes well for the viability of the ideology that does so

DesertPeace covered this story as well. Phil Weiss wrote about being rational in an irrational scenario in another article. The morphing of human beings into animals. If this had happened in any western society and the victims were Jews it would be all over the news. Palestinians have been putting up with 64 years of these atrocities.

Today is the last Friday of Ramadan and the day to commemorate al-Quds International Day that was started by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinians and to oppose the Zionists control of Jerusalem. The Muslim and Christian Arab population of Jerusalem’s total is down to 38% and 84% of which is living in poverty because of what the Zionists are doing to them. It’s regrettable that this annual commemoration is… Read more »


The good news is that the guy they took to the hospital is still alive. Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught.