Islamophobia takes the A train….

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The Pamela Geller ads saying that Americans should side with Israel over the “savage”– Muslim Jihadis– are up in New York subway stations now, and stirring controversy. NPR did a good report on the campaign this afternoon, featuring a Palestinian Muslim who objected to the characterizations inside the Times Square station. Also quoting Pamela Geller, miss innocence herself. Nothing against the good Muslims! As Mustafa Bayoumi said (on Law and Disorder, and in The Nation), the statistics for terrorist activity among American Muslims are negligible– 100 alleged incidents in a population of 3 million over the last 10 years. Yet today we are seeing a national security narrative of fear of Muslims– born in ignorance of Muslim ways after 9/11– morph into a cultural narrative of otherness/difference/danger. Bayoumi’s co-editor on that Nation double issue, Lizzy Ratner, says it’s an American panic that even Democrats have fostered; and it’s time for all Americans of conscience to stand up against this tide of hatred and marginalization. More to come…

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The keen queen spends the mean green. Her ignorance was proved beyond doubt when she commented on not understanding Jews that don’t vote like her, suggesting a belief that all Jews are cut from the same cloth and possess the exact same ideology and beliefs. Her attitudes and views bear a resemblance to National Socialism circa 1930s.

The story has enough traction that bbcR4 had the Geller on the 10pm news tonight, debating her issues with an Ahmaddiya muslim.
(Aww, it’s all her fault that mini feline myrtle jest fell off the desk!)

Geller is fully aware that most Jews in USA do not think like her. But she knows how people should think. Jews “cut from a different cloth” are wrong, and some of them can be redeemed and some cannot. It was very interesting to read comments to,7340,L-4283924,00.html Most comments seem to be made by Jews living in USA. Incidentally, this is a very vehement article that describes Obama’s program as I would advise it… Read more »

Fascinating how Geller will make the Shield of Solomon cabbalistic hexagram , also engraved onto Israeli bombs, a symbol not of the Jewish Religion, but of Hate and Supremacism. She’s put a hex on American Judaism. And this symbol will become as notorious and despized as the Swastica.

Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are interconnected.

Jews Control Economy, Claims Washington Post Op-Ed Author Who Bashes Islam Too

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