Moses and Mohammed are not equivalent figures in Jewish and Islamic faiths

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Not a day goes by without deception and propaganda from Jeffrey Goldberg. From his latest post.

One such e-mailer asked me the following: “How would you feel if a Muslim made a movie saying that Moses was a pedophile?” I wouldn’t care. My faith is strong enough not to be imperiled by idiotic trolling. And my faith doesn’t allow me to hurt a person because another person has offended my sensibilities.

Whatever one’s opinion is of Muslim sensitivity to negative portrayals of Mohammed, there is no equivalent religious figure in the Jewish religion. An honest person getting Goldberg’s email (if they would respond at all) would say the Jewish relationship to Moses is quite different than the Muslim relationship to Mohammed. But Goldberg disingenuously accepts the analogy and sanctimoniously lectures his Muslim readers about his Jewish “faith.”

Lets talk about something Goldberg cares about more than Moses. As an example, I think it would be fair to say that he believes Walt and Mearsheimer “offended my sensibilities.” I don’t think he would do them physical harm, but I wonder would his “faith” stop him from hurting them in other ways? I suspect if he could snap his fingers and get them fired from their universities they would be gone pretty fast.

Goldberg presents himself as measured and reasonable, but I bet even Spencer Ackerman knows better now. From Goldberg’s previous post

I found this note in my in-box earlier this week, from a certain French television network: “Invitation to participate in the english debate to discuss Israel’s influence on American vis-a-vis Iran.” The text that followed read, in part, “We would love to have your insights on how the Israeli lobby influences American Foreign policy. I look forward to hearing from you.” I shared this e-mail with Spencer Ackerman, who suggested that I accept the invitation to go on the show and that I play it absolutely straight, except that I should participate in the debate while wearing clay horns glued to my forehead.

So a silly joke from Ackerman became propaganda material for Goldberg. I wonder how Ackerman feels about having it publicized that he compared the belief that the Israeli lobby influences American foreign policy(are there really people left who dispute this?) to believing Jews have horns. But Goldberg leaped at the opportunity to have Ackerman say it for him. For those who might have missed his blog post he tweeted it as well.

Advice from @attackerman on how to debate “Israeli lobby” influence on American politics…

Goldberg would like nothing better than to recruit Ackerman to his camp. But a fanatic who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

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Ackerman is already in his camp since long ago, along with the other ‘liberal’ Zionists/pro-Apartheid folks. Also, why is so much time spent discussing the meanderings of a mere Israeli lobbyist and former Israeli prison guard like Goldberg? He should be mocked and laughed at, for he is pathetic, but… Read more »

I agree. There is no mention of large, palmate-antlered ungulates in the Koran. Gazelles, maybe, and you can’t proscribe pork with out mentioning the pig, and donkeys might be mentioned, and horses, being prominent forms of transport back then.

Its true that none of the Jewish prophets are taken, like the Islamic prophet to be “al-insan al-kamil;” flawless and perfected. In fact they all have noted flaws no matter how great and important. (I like this about Judaism). The pedophile thing is stupid. All men of means at that… Read more »

Mondoweiss gets by the Muslim rioters the fans they deserve!

After just two posts, Mr. Hirsch has gone into my must-read list.