In Photos: Aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City

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Mohammed Al-Zaanoun shares photos of an airstrike yesterday close to the Al Shijaeyah Market, east of the Gaza City center.

(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
A building on fire is in downtown Gaza, a just west of Shija’eyah district.
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
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Great photos. Gaza is the graveyard for the optimistic dreams of Zionism.

There has been some vile hasbara over the last few days :

“Imagine if the Palestinians loved their children”.
“They voted for Hamas. They deserve it.”
“They could have peace if the rockets stopped”

Who is trying to push who into the sea? Guess

What I marvel at is the resilience of Palestinians and their ability to return from the brink of total destruction and rise from the ashes to rebuild again, and fight for their land and their freedom another day. I salute their strength. Zionists should get it by now: Palestinians are not going to lie down and die quietly. They’re delusional in thinking they can beat the Palestinians into submission, break their spirit and cleanse them… Read more »

Juan Cole has an enlightening piece up: “Gaza’s Health Crisis and Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity” (last para:) A recent World Health Organization Report worries that in just 8 years, in 2020, if current Israeli policies continue, Gaza will be virtually uninhabitable. Israel as the occupying power since 1967 is directly responsible in international law for the well-being of its occupied populations, and is in severe violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention on the treatment of… Read more »