Scenes from the West Bank as protests spread in solidarity with Gaza

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Hamde Abu Rahme sent us the following photos yesterday:

IMG 1503

Over 100 people demonstrated today in the West Bank city of Ramallah against the brutal attack by the state of Israel, in Gaza.

IMG 1723

Demonstrations like this one are a daily occurrence as Palestinians living in West Bank witness their brother and sisters in Gaza being massacred on a hourly basis.

IMG 1385

There are already 95 dead and nearly 800 injured, most of them elderly, women and children since the operation Pillar of Cloud began. The IDF has taken a more aggressive attitude at this stage, specially when dealing with demonstrations.

IMG 1272

Today’s demonstration headed to one of the settlements nearby and once they got there, they were faced with live ammunition rounds being shot into the air and rubber bullets being shot directly at demonstrators. Many of the participants were women and children. At least 2 people got injured, which included Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall.

Three days ago in another demonstration, Rushdi Tamimi aged 29, from Nabi Salh, got shot and died today in hospital.

(All photographs by the author)

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100? There’s probably more people than that in line at a nearby movie theater.

There would likely be more if it were not for Israel’s habit of shooting Palestinian demonstrators (but not Jewish demonstrators). Israel uses “rubber bullets” that are in fact made of steel, and coated with rubber. They can be lethal.