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December 2012

Palestine wishes you a happy new year

Nour O. El Borno on

Nour O. El Borno recalls new year in 2009 as Israel bombarded Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and wonders if 2013 will only bring more Israeli violence.

Roots of Resistance: A moment of hope

Mariam C Said on

Mariam C. Said remembers the beginning of the first intifada and what it meant to her and her late husband Edward Said. This post is part of the series “Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada.”

Scene on an Israeli bus

Adam Horowitz on

David Sheen reports on a Jewish Israeli man attacking a Palestinian citizen of Israel on a bus in Jaffa.

Settlers’ new tactic: Building wooden benches Palestinians can’t sit on

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing Israel to seize hundreds of dunums of West Bank land JERUSALEM (WAFA) 29 Dec – The Israeli authorities Friday issued a number of notices to seize 456 dunums of land in the village of Beit Iksa northwest of Jerusalem to build a barrier that will separate the […]

Do not let settlers expel us from our home in Sheikh Jarrah

Ayoub Shamasneh on

Ayoub Shamasneh appeals for international solidarity as his family faces eviction from the home they have lived in since 1964. He writes: “Now more than ever we are aware of the double standard of the Israeli law that does not lend Palestinian refugees or their children a claim to property they owned before 1948, yet allows children of Jewish Israelis to sue and evict Palestinian families from homes they have lived in for decades.”

Exile and the Prophetic: Gender equality is worth struggling for. Gender equality within Constantinian Judaism isn’t.

Marc H. Ellis on

Benjamin Netanyahu wants to smooth the rough edges of political oppression so women can carry the Torah at the Western Wall. But when carrying the Torah scroll at the Western Wall is protected by the Apartheid Wall you have to challenge Constantinian Judaism rather than accept its leadership to reach your goals. When your equality is built on someone else’s inequality, we’re not far from the irruption of the prophetic.

Since when is the left embracing Chuck Hagel, a nationalist, establishment figure?

Alex Kane on

Max Ajl and Charles Davis deliver sharp ripostes to those on the left who think it’s worthwhile to defend Chuck Hagel. They make important contributions to the debate, with their pieces serving as a reminder that the Hagel nomination is more symbolic than anything and that U.S. policy is not going to change radically just because a more heterodox Defense Secretary is in.

Unedited security camera footage shows Israeli officer fired at Hebron teenager after he retreated

Adam Horowitz on

New security camera footage has surfaced of Israeli border police killing 17-year-old Mohammed Salayme at a Hebron checkpoint on December 12th. The footage includes 19 seconds which had been edited out of a version released by the Israeli military. The new footage shows that an Israeli officer fired at Salayme several times after he retreated from the checkpoint.

The Western Wall is as political as the Apartheid Wall

Marc H. Ellis on

Netanyahu has become an advocate of gender equality at the Western Wall because he knows that the issue is hurting Israel in the Diaspora. Should the major complaint of women who want religious equality involve prayer at a site that has been conquered and cleansed? Should Jews be united across gender lines in prayer at the Western Wall as it is now constituted and guarded?