Charting the ‘peace process’

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Peace process
Peace process

From Yousef Munayyer, who says he rejects a return to the vaunted peace process:

In the 24 year period from 1967 (when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip) to 1991, when the Madrid Peace Conference was held beginning the “Peace Process,” Israel colonized the West Bank through the illegal transfer of its citizens beyond the green line. By the end of this period, some 250,000 Israeli settlers or colonists lived beyond the Green Line. As the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the American Congress in 2011, the number of Israeli colonists beyond the Green Line reached 650,000.

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Israelis will tell you that the Geneva Conventions prohibit FORCED transfer and that since Israeli citizens are going to “Judea” and “Samaria” willingly, it’s OK. How does one get around that argument?

The “peace process” was designed by “liberal Zionists” from the very beginning to serve as a stalling tactic while Israel moved forward with its longstanding plan to build Eretz Israel.

Until “liberal Zionism” is thoroughly deconstructed, and its true agenda exposed, this program will continue to proceed apace with no effective opposition from the American government.

We’ll start to reverse this at the ICC. criminal colonialist settler thieves will be afraid to travel outside.

The aptly titled “piece process” is the Sudetenland solution the US has been pressing the Palestininians to accept.

There has never been any peace process as we all know. I have been trying to figure out how Palestine could actually get it’s land back in this comment… I am beginning to think like Taxi that some kind of war between Palestine and whichever ME states are willing to join them–or actually fight in their behalf– against Israel to reclaim their land, would be necessary even if Palestine were to take Israel to the… Read more »