‘Birthright’ ecstasy in Jerusalem — Ziojuana, no occupation, lotta Jewish babies

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Amazing/tragic Real News segment produced by Lia Tarachansky and featuring Netanyahu’s call for a majority of “the Jewish people” to live in the Jewish state, dancing of American recruits with Israeli soldiers and the Israeli army band, and Max Blumenthal’s interviews of Michael Steinhardt, the American Birthright sponsor, and of young American innocents proclaiming that they’ve found their home. Steinhardt tells Blumenthal there is no occupation: “45 years ago there was no Palestinian people.. there was no one.” But that Israelis– “we go back 3, 4,000 years. Palestinians don’t.” Blumenthal: “We have Methusaleh on speed dial but they don’t.” Steinhardt says he hopes American kids will hook up with Israelis that night. “I am really high.. on Zion. Ziojuana,” says one of the young people.

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“I am really high.. on Zion. Ziojuana,” says one of the young people.

Is that a gateway drug?

A bunch of people my age went to Birthright only to hook up. The girls wanted meet the dangerous IDF soldiers, with their totally un-Jewish badass image. The boys wanted to meet hot Jewish girls from all over the world. After they come home, however? I don’t know, from what… Read more »

Max is so hot and he asks great questions. The Birthright participants really look like they are on drugs. Creepy, creepy.

Marijuana may not be too terribly bad for folks, not always perhaps, but Ziojuana — fumes from a death star. What did Peres say? Two things must be done with your eyes shut, making war and making love? Well, I guess you can shut your eyes when you’re high on… Read more »

“I am really high.. on Zion. Ziojuana,”

It’s called Ziocaine out on the streets. Get with it.