When will hotly contested NY mayoral field make mincemeat of Weiner’s statements denying occupation?

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This video from a tipster was published by Ali Gharib today, and said to have been shot outside Stonewall in New York during celebration of Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage yesterday. In it Weiner says “Yes,” when asked if he still believes that the West Bank is not occupied.

Then he tries to fudge by saying that “there are disagreements” about what constitutes the West Bank. So the Palestinians should be happy in bantustans. 

Three years ago Anthony Weiner argued, absurdly, at the New School that the West Bank was not occupied. The New York Times’s Roger Cohen contested the claim, but Weiner kept doubling down on it.

Weiner is now the frontrunner in the Democratic primary race to be mayor of New York. I can’t wait for those good liberals Christine Quinn, William Thompson Jr., Bill de Blasio, and John Liu to condemn Weiner’s comments. How long will I have to wait?

PS. Weiner and his family are living in a Park Avenue apartment owned by a man whose “only agenda” is Israel. Some have speculated it’s a sweetheart deal; Weiner denies it. This is sure to become another hot potato in the hotly-contested New York mayoral race!

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Well, if it’s not an occupation, then it’s all one state. If that is the case, then the next question posed to the Perv should be whether he supports granting all Palestinians in the West Bank the vote and all rights that the Jews have or whether he supports pro-Jewish… Read more »

It’s not an occupation. The Palestinians love it. They love learning about tikkun olam from the Jews who have so generously come to their land to civilise them.

Don’t count on Quinn to do anything of the sort. She’s already a bought-and-paid for shill for all demands Israeli, no matter how blatantly preposterous. Have your already forgotten her “plea,” of but a few months earlier, for the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Jay Pollard [an issue of really… Read more »

“How long will I have to wait” Long time

Last night on Hardball Chris Matthews had one of the individuals running against Weiner I think it was Quinn but not sure. Matthews basically came out in support of her on the program