Noted Arab expert Martin Peretz is back, spouting racist generalizations, at the ‘Daily Beast’

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He’s back! Martin Peretz, the rabid supporter of Israel who left the New Republic in disgrace after saying “Muslim life is cheap,” and lots of anti-Arab comments —

The “general afflictions of Arab politics are the principal resistance to compromise . . . the endless patience for vengeance.”

is given a platform at the Daily Beast to spout— well, lots of generalizations about Arabs! They’re given to fantasy and metaphor and fratricide and women don’t count to them. The usual spiteful tone runs throughout his column, which is about Obama’s peace initiative coming to nothing, because of– the Arabs, of course. Peretz:

Egypt has for the moment robbed the headlines from Syria, although the Syrian fratricide is still the real measure of Arab politics….

Targeting fellow Arabs is what Arabs have been doing for many decades. In 1938, George Antonius—Lebanese born, Egyptian raised, British schooled, Palestine domiciled—published a book called The Arab Awakening, arguing the essential unifying nationalism of the otherwise religiously sundered Arabs. The volume became their bible against Zionism. It was popular in England and the United States. It even attracted the support of wealthy Judeaophobic Americans, who influenced Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, to offer Antonius a job. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser took from the book’s tenets his ambition to unite the Arabs, finally joining his own country, Egypt, with Syria and North Yemen in the United Arab Republic. The union lasted all of three years. Then he initiated the disastrous Six-Day War against Israel. Such armed action with Israel is now utterly unfeasible. So the Arabs are driven to fantasy and metaphor…

All that is left of Obama’s diplomacy in the Middle East is John Kerry’s stubborn and heroic effort to keep its Israel-Palestinian scope alive. Despite the rhetorical mischief coming out of certified troublemakers in the Israeli government, Netanyahu is ready to go not perhaps the extra mile, but the extra half mile. The Palestinians, however, are aware that all of their Arab brothers—there are no relevant sisters!—are otherwise engaged. This is the moment of truth for the Arabs of Palestine, perhaps the last moment. They will have to sign on to what Israel will give up. Obama cannot help them. And it might just be that, after all of the soppy rhetoric about the disinherited people, he also doesn’t really care.

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gawker on the Ernst Rohm of the Neocon Sturmabteilung : Peretz’s life has sort of fallen apart over the last year. Though he has been an avowed bigot for most of his adult life, he has only been held to account for his ethnic hostility to Arabs and Persians recently, when he wondered aloud on his New Republic blog “whether I need honor these people and pretend they are worthy of the privileges of the… Read more »

Peretz is back because the zios, including the libs ones, even though secure in their ownership of our government, see they are bit by bit losing their grip on the public, some flashpoints like the universities, Palestine and Muslim voices poping up here and there. The more hyper and reckless they get with vicious talk and attack dogs —the more we can tell they are feeling the pressure. Let them scream, rant and rave, …all… Read more »

Peretz is back, because he ran the New Republic for thirty or was it forty years. So they let him talk. Some of his earlier stuff is racist and I accept that people here hate him and disdain him, but I don’t. The current state of the Arab Spring is discouraging. Two and a half years ago I drew an analogy between the Arab Spring and a 15 year old. The 15 year old, suddenly… Read more »

This is being televised on Egyptian TV and the moderators are preventing me from telling you about it. I will keep trying to post it because it is relevant and very pertinent to the current discussion. It tells us about Arab mentality and how that impedes conflict resolution. Watch the youtube video at about the latest sensation on Egyptian TV. This virulent material plainly reinforces the fact that Muslim anti-Semitism is a major obstacle… Read more »

Where does one even begin to correct the many, many wrongs in the quote by Peretz? Antonius’ work was a work of history that traced the origins of Arab nationalism to the 19th century revolts by Muhammad Ali Pasha in Egypt in the 1820s against Ottoman rule and the civil war/revolt against Ottoman rule in Lebanon in 1860 led by Yousef Karam. It’s in no way a bible against Zionism unless you wish to claim… Read more »