NYT decontextualizes (ethnically-cleansed) Jaffa in hipster fashion piece

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Jaffa was once the pride of Palestinian culture, the bride of the sea. Then it was ethnically cleansed in 1948, by Zionist terrorist militias. A lot of the folks who lived there are in Gaza. You’d never know any of this from watching this new video of hipsters in Jaffa, on the NYT website, “Free Style in Tel Aviv.” A year ago the Times did the same thing, bringing Clare Danes to Tel Aviv. Going Rogue! 

Unintentionally-sardonic excerpts from the latest promotion:

Omri Aviv. Hipster. “I really love the Jaffa area because it’s funky with a true Israeli look. … funky and authentic.”

Ofir Siman-Tov, on wearing women’s clothes in Jaffa: “This neighborhood is relaxed, chilling, and there’s freedom in the street.”

Tmima Svitelman: “There’s certainly an eclectic style here that I like very much, and I hope they preserve it.”

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“…a true Israeli look. … funky and authentic.”

If only the natives had been a little more “funky and authentic” maybe they would have been allowed to stay.

Jaffa didn’t only contain people (Palestinians) who lived there. It also (as all other Palestinian areas did) contained land which was owned by Palestinians, land mostly confiscated by Israel in 1948 (I suppose). This raises all the questions of land ownership in Israel (Jewish land ownership in particular) in relation to the idea (and Israeli-Jewish fear) of a Palestinian right of return (PROR). Here’s how I understand the history of much Jewish land tenure in… Read more »

You’d never know from articles about hipsters in Williamsburg and on the Lower East Side that Native Americans used to live there.

Yafo (as the Israelis call it) or Jaffa (as the Arabs call it) is truly a tragedy. It was a gem. The Israelis purchase it into primarily for its Arab mystique. They want the Arab mystique but not the Arabs. I can NOT fault a Jew for wanting to live anywhere in Israel; but the remaining Arabs of Jaffa were not treated rightly. I do not trust the narrative of either side. When the Israelis… Read more »

“I can NOT fault a Jew for wanting to live anywhere in Israel” Well, I guess that makes you a heartless sociopath then. “I do not trust the narrative of either side.” LMAO. Oh, that’s right, you’re the zio pretending not to be a zio. Got it. “This is a real tragedy, even for the Jews. ” Yeah, they’re the real victims here. The god damned people who stole someone else’s land and homes. “They… Read more »