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Wow! Just read minutes ago about a four year old girl killed by Israel in retaliation for the death of one of theirs and then read the first panel here. Purity of arms and all, you know.

“Israel attacks Gaza after sniper kills border laborer. A 3-year-old Palestinian girl was killed Tuesday in an Israeli retaliatory attack …” This is way past unconscionable. This is SS-style genocide, while the world looks on as a defenceless Semitic people is slaughtered en masse. Again. It’s time to immediately halt the American military and financial largesse that props up the Israeli economy and its IMmoral army, makes the zios into billionaires at the US… Read more »

How about &SpyPain?

Aka ‘who gives a f*** about Palestinians?’

I care about the Palestinians, just as my grandparents cared about the Jews whom the non-Jewish Polish Resistance helped escape the Warsaw Ghetto, especially in its final days. A great many non-Jews died distracting the Nazis attention by attacking the German positions surrounding the ghetto, or smuggling the Jews along the canals, knowing that when caught, the Nazi retaliation would be unconscionably severe, and on a par with the pathological savagery now practiced by the… Read more »