Rachel Maddow calls out AIPAC for pushing war with Iran

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Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Props to Rachel Maddow. A day after we knocked her for failing to mention AIPAC’s role in pushing war with Iran, she took on the lobby last night in blasting the Democratic senators who are trying to derail the Iran deal.

“A vote for this thing is a vote to go to war with Iran,” she said, in comments that Ali Gharib picked up. And Steve Clemons said that Obama will veto the legislation if it passes.

Here is Maddow on AIPAC:

Because of the domestic political pressures — and it’s groups like AIPAC, I think, leading the way on this. They’ve sort of been seen as the lead push on this in terms of an outside group, but it’s other groups as well. In terms of that domestic political pressure and the way that Democratic Senators as well as Republicans are susceptible to it, if Bob Menendez could get Harry Reid to allow a vote on this, and if the Senate could vote on it, do you think that there’s a chance that it could pass with a veto-proof majority? Could the White House get their bluff called on vetoing it?

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Good for Maddow. Her ears must be burning.

Well done, Rachel. Keep reading MW– it’ll give you guts and facts.

She noticed the elephant in the room by pretending that it’s a menagerie. The “other groups” pushing for this bill are also Zionist orgs.

Now I got the feeling that MW is one of those powerful groups that can intimidate the media.

Alternative theory is that this (sabotaging the negotiations) is so insane that there is some backlash at the top of our establishment. So Maddow got some green light to bolder.

Does Mondoweiss take writers and editors aside and steer them toward one message, away from another, with an escalating series of threats and rewards, and thus achieve message control through intimidation? At its best, Mondoweiss has pointed out the hollowness and corruption of some of those messages, and embarrassed those writers and editors, and eventually demarcated limits to how far the intimidators can push them. Mondoweiss has also beaten a trail through the snowdrift of… Read more »