Israeli leaders incite hatred against Palestinians and are shocked when people listen (and act)

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The emotional engineering required on Jewish Israeli kids from age 4 to run the apartheid system mean Israel, as Arendt predicted, is slowly losing touch with the rest of the Western World and that ultimately even American Jews will turn away, disgusted. People may feel entitled to defend Israel’s psychotic behavior but please don’t tell me it’s sustainable.

The illustration shows that multiculturalism can still thrive within any racist social order.

So Katie, should Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal also rest in peace? Or do they not matter to you because they’re not Palestinians?

You bring your children up with hatred and lies, you should not be surprised if they are hate filled and liars as adults. Netanyahu showed the world a very nasty side, when he made hate filled speeches, urging revenge, and promising to punish ruthlessly the murderers of their three kids, although to this day, NO ONE has proved it is from the Palestinian side. He overreacted and ruthlessly punished ALL Palestinians for a crime that… Read more »

Maybe the cartoon is too nice and Israeli leaders are not really shocked. Posted on Colonel W. Patrick Lang’s blog Wednesday: The Golani Brigade’s orders for the invasion of Gaza – jdledell ” I can assure you the Israelis have no intention of reoccupying Gaza. They do not want the responsibility of managing the Gaza people. They will simply go in, kill as many young men(assumed to be Hamas) as possible and utterly destroy as… Read more »