Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens

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I wish everyone who comments on the NY Times and other sites claiming that Israelis are superior because they, unlike Palestinians, aren’t racist and don’t celebrate the deaths of Palestinians would be forced to look at this. Disgusting. and weird the girls post sexy photos of themselves along with the abhorrent statements.

Unbelievable. Thanks David.

as grim as the ‘tweets’ that author scoured this obviously adolescent dominated media it is even creepier that author uses the adolescent female ‘porn’ images to convey something supposedly even more shocking. Whats not shocking? Another male using the adolescent female in a sexualized context to highlight his own political views. Stop being a creepy perv and publishing kids photos w/o consent. There ‘tweets’ may be vile and nasty but not shocking and I’m sure… Read more »

yeah. I’m reap your mom. smiley face. maybe if they were issued bikini tops and hip-hugger jeans embossed with hakenkreuze the images wouldn’t seem so bizarre.

‘death to arabs and cotton candy lip gloss for everyone!’ woo hoo.

The viciousness and evil in their hearts reflects in their eyes. They are making themselves look ugly and mean, by writing such hateful, racist, rants. I have come across such awful comments by the hasbarats in comments, the same viciousness, same hatred shown, in their lame comments. Nothing to worry about folks, I think only their fellow haters would go into rapture about the hate. The rest of the sane world, will most probably think… Read more »