HAMAS made me do it!

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hamas made me do it2

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Their logic is that Hamas shoots rockets (which cause few casualties), so the Israelis “have” to attack the rocket launchers, and when they do, the bombs also harm the nearby civilians. So indirectly, Hamas has been “making” them harm civilians for the last 8 years or so.

Hamas made Katie Miranda do this comic strip!1!!11!!

(Great job as always Miranda!)

The strongest people on earth have no agency at all, but act only because someone “made them do it”. Great idea. Of course, they will deny it. They will claim authorship of their crimes — but deny that they are crimes at all.

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This cartoon is outrageous. Hamas doesn’t want peace. It’s just a radical Islamic terrorist group that wants to destroy Israel and throw all Jews to sea. They don’t want to negotiate and are not willing to change their extremist views.

You’re whitewashing their terrorism and crimes against humanity.