Front-page ‘NYT’ piece on foreign influence on D.C. thinktanks leaves out Israel

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This is crazy. A front-page piece in the New York Times titled “Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks” highlights the influence of Arab governments on programming at Brookings and a dozen other D.C. thinktanks and has not a word to say about Israel.

An accompanying graphic lists 50-some countries that seek to manipulate US policymaking and public opinion through thinktanks, but Israel is off that list too!

Haim Saban started a center at Brookings that’s all about Israel; he moved to the U.S. from Israel and is an ardent Zionist. This doesn’t count as foreign influence. From the Times:

“It is the self-censorship that really affects us over time,” the scholar said. “But the fund-raising environment is very difficult at the moment, and Brookings keeps growing and it has to support itself.”

The sensitivities are especially important when it comes to the Qatari government — the single biggest foreign donor to Brookings.

The piece notes that Michele Dunn quit at the Atlantic Council after criticizing aid for Egypt.

After she signed a petition and testified before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee urging the United States to suspend military aid to Egypt, calling Mr. Morsi’s ouster a “military coup,” Bahaa Hariri [son of the late Rafik Hariri and generous donor] called the Atlantic Council to complain, executives with direct knowledge of the events said.

Ms. Dunne declined to comment on the matter. But four months after the call, Ms. Dunne left the Atlantic Council.

Great story. Can you think what would happen to a think tank intellectual who called for cutting aid to Israel?

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Of course, Israel is not on the list b/c it doesn’t buy influence, and AIPAC is not on the list b/c it is not a foreign power.

AIPAC is of course a Fifth Column, but that’s something else entirely.

Never forget Martin Indyk, either.

On the increasingly unbearable MTP, I did not hear one peep about Israel.

All of it is mind- numbing– which is exactly their scheme.

My thought in reading the article (which included Norway and Japan, not just Arab governments) was that these governments, and/or the lobbyists and think tanks serving them, all learned how to do this from Israel, AIPAC, and their various think tanks. I saw it as a sort of threat by… Read more »

Shmuley’s tweeting the subject NYT article. I skimmed the article when it first came out and noticed Denmark was mentioned at lot. Couldn’t miss Israel was not once mentioned. Recall AIPAC got around the Kennedy Brothers trying to make the original Zionist organization register as an agent of a foreign… Read more »

Too AIPAC has that subsidiary; if memory serves, in the same office building as AIPAC & manned by the same people–disguised as an Educational organization; this is the agency that gives US congress folks their free trips to Israel. These other countries have to get smart like Israel’s big supporters… Read more »