Thanksgiving: The perfect holiday to ruin with politics

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Thanksgiving: The perfect holiday to ruin with politics


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Brilliant as usual, Katie. Those links are a treasure trove. I’ve made and kept a commitment to speak about Palestinians and Israel’s latest outrages (they come fast and furious, as you know!) every single day to at least one person. Today is the perfect day to celebrate/remember indigenous people and… Read more »

With drought in California, the Olglala aquifer slowly running down, fertiliser runoff messing up the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Vortex to come this winter the sense of thanksgiving seems to have been wasted very quickly since the late 1600s. It was a fine prize but it’s looking very… Read more »

Yes Katie absolutely once one abandons fear mongering and hatred people can get along. The Jewish and Palestinian communities got along terrifically in LA when I lived there because they both recognized each other’s legitimate claim to live in Los Angeles and sought ways to build a better life for… Read more »

Putting the Palestinians aside for a super-brief moment during for this year’s colonialist celebration, Katie also raised the important issue of injustices committed against the Amerindians. If Americans can’t be bothered what their ancestors did, how are they to care about the Palestinians?

As to Inhofe, what about “God helps those who helps themselves” ? Whatever caused GW/CC (I believe it is mankind), the real questions are [1] is it a clear and very present danger (my answer: yes) and [2] can mankind do anything at this increasingly late date to slow it,… Read more »