Abunimah’s book on justice for Palestine soars in readers’ poll

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Here’s a remarkable index of the surge in popularity of Palestinian solidarity activism on the part of the lib-left intelligentsia. The Atlantic is conducting a poll of readers on the nonfiction book to read this March and Ali Abunimah’s The Battle for Justice in Palestine is in second place, with nearly a quarter of the votes (Susan Cain’s book Quiet is leading the field right now).

The voting ends Friday, and readers can hop in.

Quite a moment. You can read an excerpt of the book here: Does Israel Have A Right to Exist as a Jewish state? You can buy the book here. You can read an interview with Abunimah here. And here is Abunimah speaking about the power of BDS in highlighting a simple fact, that millions of Palestinians have no rights under Israeli governance.

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I have read this book.Bought it just before the operation protective slaughter last summer and read it on the train to the protests in Dublin.I just voted for his book which is still number two (but way ahead of the next nearest – 69 votes) at 28 % (333 thumbs up ) .

Way to go Ali .

Shortly after The Battle for Justice in Palestine came out last spring, I had the opportunity to read the book and to host and interview Ali at Firedoglake’s (now defunct) Book Salon.

Glad to see it doing well in this poll. The book is just as relevant now as it was when it came out. I highly recommend it as a reference, particularly on BDS and on campus activism issues.

Current standings:

#1 :: Battle :: 47.86% (882 votes)
#2 :: Quiet :: 38.80% (623 votes)

As of 9:20 AM Boston time, Abunimah stands at 54% and Quiet at 29%.



#1 :: Justice :: 56.33% (1380 votes)
#2 :: Quiet :: :: 26.98% (661 votes)

Annie, can someone create a new Reminder Post about this tomorrow (Friday)?

Unless I’m reading it wrong, I think tomorrow is the last day to vote.

I worry that this post may be buried.