Video: Israel’s celebrated Labour Party ‘is the mother and father of racism’, says member of Knesset

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An incredible video and speech by Jamal Zahalka, a member of the Israeli Knesset, in which he blames Stav Shaffir and her tradition of Labour Zionism for doing far more to hurt Palestinians than the later Likudniks.

“The party that expelled us from our homeland, which disenfranchised us, far more than the right wing, which had murdered tens of thousands of Palestinians. And they come here preaching to us. The social justice woman [Shaffir] outdid them all.

Shaffir had never spoken a word to me. She doesn’t even say hello. I am transparent to her.

The extreme right at least acts like human beings. They smile, they say hello to you.

Even Yisrael Beteinu smiles at us. But the Labour Party is the mother and father of racism. You have invented racism.

Who harmed us more? The Likud or the Labor party?
The Labor of course!
The Likud had built settlements beside Arab villages, while you have built your Kibbutzim, your socialism, on top of the ruins on our lands.
Then you come here and speak in the name of social justice, in the name of the left, while rolling your eyes.”

“She did half a demonstration on social justice and would now like to preach us morality! Shame on you!”

MK Jamal Zahalka on libZionism and its Supremacist Foundation from ronnie on Vimeo.

Thanks to Ofer Neiman and Ronnie Barkan.

This speech, and Zahalka’s body count, requires a response from J Street, which hosts Stav Shaffir like she’s a rock star, and from Assaf Sharon, who in the current issue of The New York Review of Books, explains that the Likudniks are heirs of the Jewish terrorists of the last century and that if they could only be pushed out, Zionism and Israel would be fine, because terrorism doesn’t work. The piece elides the violence of Labor Zionism, the state terrorism that Zahalka describes above: tens of thousands killed. Assaf (you and I visited the settlements together once), what do you say to this analysis?

P.S. Our media will be hopeless until it includes these Palestinian voices. And asks these citizens: How many of you believe in Zionism? And if you don’t believe in it, why not reconstitute the society?

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Gideon Levy linked to this video in his latest piece. Amazing. It’s not just Zahalka’s courage in directly challenging the crushing force of the Israeli state but his self-control. How do you maintain your composure in such a hostile environment backed up by the force of the state. I wonder… Read more »

[Joint List MK] Jamal Zahalka: “Shaffir had never spoken a word to me. She doesn’t even say hello. I am transparent to her.” J Street and AIPAC are simply variations on the same ugly, violent theme? Agree. I hope ruminations on the demise of AIPAC and the ascendancy of J… Read more »

Israel is a settler colonial entity

without exception settler colonial entities are racist

therefore all of its institutions are racist

the labor party is an Israeli institution

no surprise that it is & has always been racist

I remember talking to one Palestinian I met once who said something to the extent of “at least the (Israeli Jewish) right is honest” in that they’re very upfront in what they believe about the Palestinians and what they’d like to do regarding the occupied Palestinian West Bank and the… Read more »

There is no doubt that Israel is one of the most racist nations in the world. Despite calling themselves “democratic” their policies are apartheid, treats black Jews differently, treats Arabs like second class citizens, and the Jewish terrorists show nothing but hatred for Arabs by attacking, firebombing, spraying racist graffiti,… Read more »