Video: When the walk to school is lined with barbed wire

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On Feb. ​10, Israeli forces installed a section of fence a few hundred meters long, lined with barbed wire, along a dirt path taken by school children in the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem’s Tuqu village.

Mondoweiss spoke to some of the students and teachers who take the path to school everyday, and witnessed children as young as five getting caught in the barbed wire.

Teachers said children are scared to walk the path to school, which is guarded by fully armed Israeli soldiers nearly 24/7, adding that their pupils frequently come to class with bleeding hands and arms from being sliced by barbs.

Children complained about the barbed wire ruining their clothes and making the walk to school take longer, as the width of the path, taken by hundreds of students, has been cut in half by the fence and wire.

The fence separates the dirt path from a busy main street often taken by Israeli settlers in the area.

Israeli forces have told local media that the fence was installed to stop students from throwing rocks at passing cars, but as the students point out, the fence only covers a small section of the road, and if they wanted to throw stones they have more than enough access.

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Why, it’s nothing more than a clever trap for those “rats”.

this is an incredible video. it’s so insidious. it’s the life in banustans. what they have in store as a permanent future for palestinians. it gets worse and worse. can you imagine as a child not being able to walk thru the pathways.

Love to know from the Zionist apologists just what the function of barbed wire AT THE BOTTOM of a fence is. I am not a security expert by any means but I think I get it that barbed wire at THE TOP of a fence stops people from CLIMBING OVER… Read more »

The Israeli Zionist PR outfit” IsraAID ” has apparently been in action in the notorious “Jungle” refugee camp near Calais in Northern France. They appear to have scrambled one of their elite humanitarian units to help the poor suffering refugees especially the children: They usually are ready to deploy… Read more »