A summary of the Pew study of Israeli attitudes in one picture

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(Image: Carlos Latuff)
(Image: Carlos Latuff)

On March 8 the Pew Research Center published a major new survey on Israel and Israeli attitudes. Some highlights include:

For for more on the Pew Study see here and here.

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Brilliant as usual. Perhaps a few drips of blood or a small pool of the red stuff below to remind us that this ” home ” decorating involves a little bit of discreet DIY genocide ?

Later on when all the non Jews are no longer part of the only democracy in the ME , the map will have to be revised. How about “Real Jews only” . All secular and reform Jews will need to be expelled from the only democracy in the ME. Maybe… Read more »

Great cartoon. It represents the true picture of an apartheid nation, and the mind set of it’s people. It is really ugly to say the least. It is the sense of entitlement by the majority of Israelis to be treated as special that is noteworthy. The obvious sense of entitlement.… Read more »

Accurate cartoon. I still think one of the more recealing stats was how few Jewish Israelis saw much discrimination against non Jewish Israelis. This is a country with institutional and codified racism in it’s laws. With no nazi analogy implied they sound like Sgt Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. I see… Read more »

And in the USA Trump is being attacked as the spear head of an evolving neoNazi regime. Shouldn’t Bibi be showing principled appreciation of a potential President Trump?