Goldman Sachs is funding Hebron settlers

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For years American taxpayers have been bankrolling Jewish-only illegal settlements in the West Bank with hundreds of millions of dollars funneled through tax-exempt non-profit organizations (we’ve covered the issue on Mondoweiss since 2008). One of the organizations which is a frequent recipient of these donations is the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund which supports Hebron’s settler community.

Haaretz reports that Goldman Sachs has a “clear pattern” of giving to Israeli rightwing groups through their Charitable Gift Fund, including the notorious Jewish zealots in Hebron. 

From the article “Why Is Goldman Sachs Funding the Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron?“:

So why did Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund, a foundation connected to the world’s most powerful investment bank and run by Goldman Sachs’ top executives, donate $18,000 to the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund that bankrolls this humanitarian nightmare?

On their IRS tax records, Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund declared the purpose of the gift was “International Humanitarian Program” to needy Hebron families. With revenues of $2,250,000 the Hebron Fund can deliver from hunger quite a few of the 700 Jewish settlers of the city.

Grants to the Hebron Fund are not an isolated occurrence. There is a clear pattern in the Fund’s giving to Israel rightwing groups or their American fronts. In 2012-2013 they gave $708,000 to the American-Israel Education Foundation, AIPAC’s educational arm; $15,000 to the American Jewish International Relations Institute, a right wing organization which “monitors, tracks, and combats anti-Israel voting patterns at the United Nations”; and $6,100 to the American Friends of the Likud Party.

Though the case of granting money to the Jewish community of Hebron is particularly striking, we should see the funding of the Hebron settlement as only one example in the context of hundreds of millions of dollars backing the full range of West Bank settlements.

Of course, Hebron settlers aren’t the only ones experiencing Goldman largesse. Bernie Sanders has made an issue of the $675,000 Clinton received in speaking fees from the investment house just in 2013. And no wonder. Simon Head writes at the New York Review of Books that the connection raises important questions about potential corruption:

These long-running ties with Goldman have paid off for the Clintons. According to a July 2014 analysis in the Wall Street Journal, from 1992 to the present Goldman has been the Clintons’ number one Wall Street contributor, based on speaking fees, charitable donations, and campaign contributions, the three pillars of what I’ve called the Clinton System. As early as 2000, Goldman was the second most generous funder—after Citigroup—of Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, with a contribution of $711,000. In the early 2000s, Bill Clinton was also a Goldman beneficiary, receiving $650,000 from Goldman for four speeches delivered between December 2004 and June 2005. (The transcripts of these speeches do not appear to be currently available.)

By the winter of 2006–2007, however, Goldman and its CEO Lloyd Blankfein were becoming deeply involved in the collapsing housing bubble—and engaging in the practices that have since resulted in years of investigations and lawsuits….

As long as Clinton refuses to reveal the content of her Goldman speeches, the suspicion will remain that she has cast a blind eye on Goldman’s dark years and that her campaign pledge to “rein in Wall Street” cannot be taken seriously.

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Blood money.

I posted this on another thread before I saw this one.The link I provided is also to a Haaretz article which has a paywall.Hence the web cache link. “Yes, Goldman Sachs Funds Hebron’s Settlers. And Charles Schwab Is Funding BDS” So giving illegal squatters aid to commit war crimes is equal to Charles J Schwab giving aid to JVP who work to end Israel,s war crimes and oppression. Zionist logic at it,s finest. You… Read more »

In zio land you are not only America’s chosen, but now it seems wealthy banking companies can bestow funds to the illegal squatters that are not legitimately recognize by the US, nor the United Nations. It is time the BDS movement made some noise about GS and bring world attention to its illegitimate funding of squatter land where apparently terrorism also thrives. Goldman Sachs is such a dodgy company – Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N)… Read more »

“So why did Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund, a foundation connected to the world’s most powerful investment bank and run by Goldman Sachs’ top executives, donate $18,000 to the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund that bankrolls this humanitarian nightmare?” Perhaps they, along with Hophmi, are planning on making Aliyah to escape the plague of anti-Semitism which confronts New York Jews on a daily basis. It must be tough living in constant fear, taking cold comfort from cold… Read more »

So, what Lloyd Blankfein meant by “doing God’s work” is funding AIPAC’s myths and robberies. But it’s not only Arabs he engages in robbing. He just paid $5 billion in fines for massively robbing the entire American economy. But that $5 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to the gargantuan ill-gotten gains Goldman Sachs raked in, a mere pittance “business expense”, a “clever” business deal. He and his gang got to keep all… Read more »