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Tidbits from Reader Survey: Please Add Your Ideas To The Mix

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Mondoweiss’s current reader survey will be open for your feedback for two more weeks. We’ve received hundreds of completed surveys, and are eager to learn more.

Here are a few examples of the input submitted so far:

“I think there is renewed interest in I/P in this country and people are experimenting re how to express that….Mondoweiss could do more to cross fertilize these efforts and give them at least a little more coverage.”

“Would like to see more history and republication of journalists and historians’ writing that have been forgotten or blacklisted.”

“Keep at it because an informed citizenry is the bedrock of democracy and US main media has devolved into the Establishment’s stenographer most especially on issues Mondoweiss addresses, as well as re economic & monetary policy.”

What to expect as you prepare to click on the the survey link: A few people were surprised at the survey’s length. Our estimate of 15-30 minutes has been accurate for most respondents (some got it done in even less time), but if you have a lot to say you may want to set aside more time. We understand that those of you who share your views are doing us a significant favor, and we do not take for granted your time and energy!

We also want to make sure you know that we are asking about several topics: not only the site’s content, but the ease and value of sharing it, and the channels we use to finance the work. Your opinions on all of these matters will guide our choices as we seek to increase Mondoweiss’s impact in truth-telling.

If you’ve already taken the survey — or this month is just too busy for you — please feel free to share the link with others you know who use Mondoweiss to any extent at all. We will benefit from the suggestions not only of our regular readers but also of people for whom Mondoweiss is just one of many information sources.

Finally, a reminder: respondents who provide contact information on the survey’s last page will be entered into a special drawing. Every Friday the survey is open we’ll draw three names who’ll receive a free copy of Mondoweiss’s new publication, “The World The Settlers Made.” We’ve sent out books from our first two drawings already; it could be you next week! (And make sure you check your junk email inbox because if we don’t hear back from a winner, we’ll move on to select someone else.)

The survey will be running until Friday, May 6. Please help Mondoweiss by filling it out today!

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Tova Perlmutter is Mondoweiss’s Director of Development and Outreach, Tova’s responsibility is to increase income, but also to help connect the members of our community in useful and rewarding ways.

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10 Responses

  1. Theo
    April 23, 2016, 11:37 am

    I know Mondoweiss is a jewish blog, however if you would include a few goyim, you may be surprised that there are a few who are most intelligent and politically match the line most of your readers are interested in. Presently you print mostly jewish interests and views of the palestinian cause, a very limited selection, and after years it gets a bit boring.
    The ME is changing rapidly and what happens in Syria or Lebanon, among other states in the region, will effect the interests and history of Israel. Would it not be a good idea to raise your horizon a bit and look what is happening over the israeli border?

    • annie
      April 23, 2016, 12:21 pm

      hi theo. just thought i’d mention — aside from really not liking being referred to as “goyim” — that i am not jewish (and i’ve written over 1k articles for mondoweiss). nor is kate (albeit, not opinion). i also thought i’d mention that a quick glance at our from page right now, we’ve got articles by nida hussain, nada elia, susie kneedler and kate. i don’t think any of them are jewish. we frequently have palestinian voices like fidaa abuasi, ahmed moor, Haidar Eid, Isra Saleh El-Namy (who has written 13 articles for us since august >>> ) all from gaza (we’ve actually publish LOTS of awesome gazan writers — too many to mention). and we have other voices besides palestinians who are not jewish.

      many many regulars and we try to add new voices, ie like most recently Abdul-Razeq Farraj from the west bank (“spent over 15 years of his life in Israeli prisons, and was recently released from his last administrative detention arrest.” – See more at:

      we’ve actually published lots of articles by non jews.

      so, we would not be surprised at all “there are a few [non jews] who are most intelligent and politically match the line” our readers are interested in. but i (totally) agree w/you we need more of these voices!

      • jd65
        April 24, 2016, 1:12 pm

        aside from really not liking being referred to as “goyim”…

        In my conversations about you, I refer to you simply as badass.

      • annie
        April 24, 2016, 1:21 pm


      • Susie Kneedler
        Susie Kneedler
        April 24, 2016, 3:12 pm

        Thanks, Annie. Hi Theo and jd65. I’d love to be a badass or wotever Annie is: meanwhile, I’m “not” anything except a skeptic who believes our work matters even when liberation is slow –and wishes I could help more.
        Thanks, incomparable MW, including brilliant Commenters.
        Edit: speaking of which, Hi Mooser: couldn’t see you here before~~

      • jd65
        April 24, 2016, 10:27 pm

        @ Susie K: “Hi Theo and jd65.”

        Ahoy :)

        “I’d love to be a badass or wotever Annie is…”

        I’m betting you exude your own version of badassery…

        “meanwhile, I’m “not” anything except a skeptic who believes our work matters even when liberation is slow –and wishes I could help more.”

        That’s likely a pretty apt way to describe most of the folks around here. As a matter of fact, that direct and terse description was kinda badass :)

      • Theo
        April 25, 2016, 1:48 pm

        Hallo Annie

        If you look up the Encyclopedia Judaica, you will find that there non-jews, like you and I, are called goyim. I do not speak hebräish, so I cannot judge if that is derogatory, or simply an old name for not jews. I personally do not find insulting being called by that name, (by the way, I did not know that you are not jewish, as all others at MW seem to be just that). To make it very clear, to me it doesn´t make any difference if one is jewish, christian, moslem, or one who believes in any other fairy tales. What you are is important, not where were you born, who was your mother and father, etc.

        Perhaps I did not make it clear what did I mean with my comment. Since 10 years all articles in MW are about Israel and the palestinian occupation, even if the author is not jewish or even an arab. Meanwhile all around that country there are upheavals, wars and similar events, that effects the lives of all occupants of Palestian, however you stick to your old scheme. That is like being a surgeon, who operates only on the left leg, for the right one you must go to someone else.
        The events in the ME, and Israel/Palestina is located just there, concerns us all, because their future could be decided, or effected, by one of those wars, therefore perhaps we should keep an eye on them. The situation there is very similar to 1914, when it ended in WWI.

      • annie
        April 25, 2016, 2:38 pm

        If you look up the Encyclopedia Judaica, you will find that there non-jews, like you and I, are called goyim.

        thanks, i’m aware of who it references. here’s a recent conversation regarding the use of the term, in case you’re interested: >>>

        The events in the ME, and Israel/Palestina is located just there, concerns us all, because their future could be decided, or effected, by one of those wars, therefore perhaps we should keep an eye on them.

        thanks for your input. myself, i appreciate reading about what’s going on in the region outside of I/P. syria and yemen in particular and i highly recommend moon of alabama which i frequent daily. i recommend >>

        i agree with you we don’t cover the general middle east region as much as i/p — but we do sometimes (ie on our front page right now >>> )

        i have written a few articles about syria as has allison (and phil too i think) — so it’s not like it never happens — syria (in particular) is a very contentious issue in the palestine activist community (ie: see comment section in the previous url) because there’s no unity of opinion and the differing sides are both so adamant about their positions. hence, writing about syria can be like asking for trouble and/or frustration.

        for articles on yemen i just googled ‘mondoweiss yemen’ — in the last year we’ve had more than a few

        anyway, i think suggestions such as yours is one reason they hosted the survey (one assumes, i wasn’t involved in it), so thanks for your feedback. out of curiosity — did you answer the survey and tell them that? either way tova will probably be reading the comments — so thanks.

        edit: p.s. i was just reminded of the 2013 article Do’s and don’ts for progressives discussing Syria by Ramah Kudaimi. the comment section of this one article is a perfect example of the 2 sides of the syria conversation i was referencing. >>> this same article landed on our top ten list of most traffic for 2013 — as i recall more than 100k views (don’t cite me on that tho). and my comments led to supporters of the author attacking me on twitter as well as people writing the site to complain. the article has 353 comments, big fight!

        none of this means we shouldn’t cover syria, it’s just how it’s covered that’s (very) contentious.

    • Mooser
      April 24, 2016, 2:54 pm

      “I know Mondoweiss is a jewish blog,”

      Please see the “about” page.

  2. yourstruly
    April 25, 2016, 4:09 am

    ‘The World The Settlers Made’

    couldn’t be clearer

    “Palestinians are nothing” – Jewish settler

    therefore it’s ok to wipe them out

    besides, “they’re bad, we’re good” – another Jewish settler

    so what’s the fuss all about?

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