Video: Palestinian carrying watermelon is stopped for four hours by Israeli soldiers

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This is upsetting. A Palestinian man attempts to bring a watermelon home in Hebron and Israeli soldiers stop him and force him to put the offending fruit down.

Can I pass?

Not yet. Put the watermelon down.


The video was produced by Ta’ayush, and translated by the Alternative Information Center (AIC):

What is green on the outside red on the inside and threatens Israeli security?

On June 1, 2016 an elderly Palestinian tried to go through Shuhada Street in Hebron carrying a watermelon. This is his story.


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The watermelon is dressed like IDF, sort of looks like them, maybe they thought at first it was one of their men? Then when they found out it was actually a Palestinian watermelon they were probably dumbfounded by the uncanny resemblance and had to regroup before they could mount a… Read more »


Or maybe they were just hoping one of the Palestinians would have a knife to cut it, so they could shoot him in the street and become a national hero.

Annie Robbins

how many Israeli soldiers does it take to determine a watermelon isn’t a threat to the security of the jewish state?


A meloncholy situation. Sorry it had to come out. On a serious note I hope that the brave virtually defenceless but truly inspirational JSIL front line elite shock troops are really proud of the “fruits” of their day`s labour. I wonder if Hezbollah have got FMD`s (fruits of mass destruction… Read more »


Mission Goal Edit Fend off the Watermelon Elementals attacking the town, and find out where they came from. Discover the Cause of the attack. Missionary Summary Edit The Group was being escorted through the streets of the Elemental town/villiage when Vel’sek and his animated dolls exited one of the buildings.… Read more »