The lynching of Dwight Bullard

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After opposing anti-boycott legislation and losing his re-election bid earlier this month former Florida State Senator for Miami-Dade, Dwight Bullard, is running for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP). Bullard, a community activist whom the Miami Herald characterized as “a stalwart for his constituents for nearly a decade in both the House and Senate”, has faced an acrimonious campaign against him, backed by the Israel Project and members of Florida’s Jewish community. 

OK, I get it. Some Jewish people are upset with Dwight Bullard because he traveled with the Dream Defenders to Israel and their tour guide had ties to a terrorist organization.

You’ve voiced that. Over and over and over again. You did it during his primary. You did it during his general election.

You asked him for an explanation. He gave it to you. Over and over and over again.

That wasn’t good enough.

He lost his Senate seat.

That wasn’t good enough.

Exactly what is it that you want?

Bullard hanging from a tree? Bullard tied up and whipped? What exactly will make you happy? Let us know, because frankly you’re getting on my nerves.

Who vets their tour guide when they travel abroad? Do you? Does anybody?

And where are all the people who served with Dwight Bullard in the Legislature over the years, the people who know his passion, his heart, his capacity to fight? Not one of them can stand beside him now to stop this madness? Not one can speak out publicly on his behalf? Shameful.

Dwight Bullard is not an anti-Semite, but then again, you know that.

Dwight Bullard has no terrorist ties, but then again, you know that.

So what is the real issue here? What is really motivating this modern-day lynching that you are executing on this man?

I read the Nov. 14 story in The Miami Herald in which Mike Moskowitz, who raised over $1 million for Hillary Clinton, said he was waging an active campaign against Dwight, and that if Dwight became chair of the FDP, he would no longer contribute to the party and would encourage others to do the same.

I find that interesting.

Is Mr. Moskowitz actively pursuing Steve Bannon? Is he actively trying to figure out why AIPAC isn’t commenting on Bannon’s position in the White House, or does he only pick on people he can bully and get away with it?

Let’s be clear. Black people are not going to sit idly by and let this lynching of Bullard occur without response. Yes, Moskowitz and those like him can take their money away from the Florida Democratic Party, but Black people can take our VOTES away from the Democratic Party.

How is President Hillary Clinton working out for you guys?

Are you getting the picture? To repeat … Moskowitz raised over $1 million for Hillary. We didn’t turn out in numbers she needed and Hillary lost Florida. Now you tell me which was more consequential, Moskowitz’s money or the black vote?

Don’t play.

I keep saying, we’ve had enough of our votes being taken for granted, but you will not humiliate, degrade, and berate a good man just because you feel you can, either.

I’m sure no one has pulled the coat tails of these people and told them to slow their roll yet because of their money, but I suggest someone do it, and do it soon.

The concern shouldn’t just be about the Jewish Democratic vote.

The black community will not tolerate Dwight Bullard being abused in any way, shape, or form.

2018 is not that far away, and no Democrat can win statewide without the black vote.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

This article was originally published, with this headline, in Sunshine State News.

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Yup. No amount of money can preserve power in a voting democracy if that money alienates every major (ie. required to win) constituency.

With this kInd of aggressive, persistent, and egregious overreach these clowns are making Israel a partisan issue and sowing the seeds their own irrelevance in Dem circles. Kinda like the irrelevance/passing of the “two state solution” and due to the same arrogant mechanism.


If Mr. Bullard, a Black man with a good record of service to a constituency with many Black voters, loses his Senate seat because of his somewhat pro-BDS views and choice of tour guide (you would have thought his voters would have other, much more pressing concerns) we seem to have confirmation of the continuing power of pro-Israel sentiment and pro-Israel organisations in the age of Trump. The tide is not turning but still at… Read more »

I hope the anti-lynching community is wider than blacks-only and gets to hear of this in a forceful way. DEMs used to be in favor of human rights, civil rights, and like that. I hope those in Florida still are, or can be reminded that what a Zionist money-bags and his hired help (Debbie Wasserman et al.) want is not necessarily what is good for Florida.

great article. but florida’s a weird place. i was listening to npr for palm beach county yesterday. the show sponsor was the united jewish appeal of palm beach. they listed a major philanthropic activity is funding jewish students to fight anti-israel propaganda on college campuses. so sponsoring pro-israeli political action is a charity. who knew?