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Hi everyone:

We are aware that there is an issue with user comment archives and we are working on it. We agree that the comment archives are a really important resource on the site and want to get them back up as soon as possible.

Please leave any additional issues taking place with the comments section in the comments below and we will be sure to bring them to our tech support.

Thanks so sorry for the issue.

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Thanks for addressing the problem.

When I click on my own “jon s” I get references to Jon Stewart. Funny. And no, I’m not Jon Stewart.

Mazel tov, it’s working!

About half an hour ago I was getting “error 404” messages when I clicked, now its all fine and dandy!
Hope it stays ironed out.

I’ll use this place to raise what I suppose is an ethical issue. The commenter “Mooser” obsessively reacts to every comment of mine, often with multiple comments to every one of mine, mainly nonsense. I’ve learned to ignore him. Then he took a step further and started inventing parts of… Read more »

There seems to be a technical change in regards to how comments are handled. Previously when I made a submittal, I would copy and paste the submittal to a Mondoweiss Submit file I keep. When I pasted the comment, a blue hyperlink to the submitted comment would appear below the… Read more »