Allegory of the ‘tough neighborhood’

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(Image: Katie Miranda)
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Excellent. Thomas Friedman pioneered this alibi for Israel’s repressive actions.

There is a certain truth to the assertion that the Middle East is a tough neighborhood. Hard not to be when the Western imperial mafia has most of the governments in their back pocket and terrorize the locals who resist. Installed some local Zionist enforcers too. Not much hope with the imperial mafia there.

And it makes perfect sense to want to move into a tough neighbourhood, to encourage the rest of your family to move in with you, and to make enemies of your neighbours.

Should read a tough heavily subsidized neighbourhood:

The “David” portrayed in the cartoon probably got a free Kalashnikov thrown in as a sweetener – the one which he uses to defend himself against the terrifying stone throwing Palestinian Goliaths ( especially the under 10 “Goliaths”)

What may not be known is that the zionist regime provides special discounts and support to illegal settlers moving into illegal settlements. It is their way of “creating facts on the ground”. Most Russian immigrants – for example – are “encouraged” to locate to places like Nazareth Illit but almost all end up leaving after 3 years to move to Tel Aviv on the coast. Sometimes, they are so desperate to sell their discounted homes… Read more »