Triumphalist light show in Jerusalem weaponizes the city walls to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish conquest

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Back in the States, I wondered whether the commemorations of the Six Day War in Israel would be marked by reflection and even expressions of misgivings, after 50 years of occupation, but when I got out here I saw how mistaken I was. They’re triumphalist!

Below is a video I took of part of the light show/concert celebrating the conquest of Jerusalem on May 21, near Jaffa Gate outside the Old City. This segment was a dramatization of the history of Jerusalem, and about 30 seconds in, it announces “1967” on the wall, and then– well see for yourself! It seemed to me like they were weaponizing the Old City walls. A lot of smoke and guns and destruction, and rumbling tumbling stones. As for the music, well it’s like that old saying, justice is to military justice as music is to military music.

This Saturday night in Tel Aviv there’s a demonstration against the 50th anniversary of occupation organized by Peace Now and New Israel Fund. But I doubt there will be anything like the numbers at this light show– tens of thousands of people jammed into the street, mainly secular, a bit raucous, a few ultra Orthodox peeking in from the edges, and every mother’s son and daughter of em committed to a Jewish Jerusalem, forever. With no real concern for the other religions that have a stake in this beautiful city, let alone the crazy idea of a Palestinian capital.

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Wow, a sea of cell phones, like a rock concert. This rally seemed eerie. Thanks for sharing!

This reminds me of Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph Des Willens” (“Triumph of the Will”).

the eruption of war-like light show after the 67 — i mean wow. incredible video. i don’t even know what to say about it. after 50 years, proud conquerers. nary a smidgen of remorse in evidence for what they have done.

Decades ago, when I lived in Jerusalem, I happened to walk by the Tower of David (the citadel shown in Phil’s video) as a Palestinian tour guide explained the site to his group. I was bemused to hear the Palestinian tour guide say that, whereas the Jews call it The… Read more »

Philip Weiss continues to prove he has no idea what he is talking about. “With no real concern for the other religions that have a stake in this beautiful city”. Maybe he should refer to this JPost editorial ‘Europe and religious freedom‘ and try to avoid making nonsense statements that… Read more »