Liberal Zionists can’t talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi

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“… teenage children who are sent to carry out difficult and dangerous assignments put on their young shoulders by the nation’s leaders …”

Such a fine line between patriotism and child abuse.

.” I do know that the occupation drafts teenagers on both sides into a war”

And just to even things out, the Israelis get a complete military, and the Palestinians get- stones. That’s some war, Rabbi Hannah.

Shame on J Street. Liberal Zionists will only go so far and then they just hit a wall.

[Ben-Ami: On the one hand, we truly honor and respect the individual men and women – teenagers and young adults really – who day-in and day-out serve their country dutifully in the Israel Defense Forces.] Yeah, they’re real heroes. And they’re pretty good at drawing, too. Here’s their latest effort – we just did a piece on it (sorry, in Dutch): Here’s the story by Man’an: The victim is Musab al-Tamimi from Dayr… Read more »

Rabbi Goldstein “It was challenging to sit in the living room of a person [Bassem Tamimi] who had been involved in violent uprisings before embracing a new strategy of resistance.” Ya – it must have been much less challenging for the Tamimi’s to sit across from their zionist oppressors that have exacted enormous violence on them and their compatriots. “A person who makes videos that promote a kind of anti-Zionism that can so easily cross… Read more »