Video: Jewish settler looses attack dog on Palestinian shepherd and flock, maiming sheep

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This graphic video was shot on Saturday in the South Hebron Hills. It was posted by activists– including Guy Butavia and our good friend Ronnie Barkan — and is said to show a Jewish settler from a new outpost near the illegal settlement of Havat Mor releasing an attack dog on Palestinian shepherds grazing a flock. The shepherds are from the nearby Khirbet a-Rahwah village.

The dog rips off the tail of a sheep and part of its buttocks, as is evident at the end of the video. One other sheep was injured in the head.

When he is speaking Hebrew, the settler claims that the arrival of activists to the Hebron Hills ruins good neighborly relations with the Palestinians, and also that the Palestinians have “crossed a line,” according to Ofer Neiman,

This is surely akin to the horrifying video (of a Palestinian father being arrested outside Hebron as his son cries) that animated Peter Beinart to declare a crisis of Zionism seven years ago. Yesterday the American Jewish rightwing leader Ron Lauder published a piece in the New York Times discovering a crisis of Zionism in Israel’s turn to the right and its neverending settlement project; and liberal Zionist leader Jeremy Ben-Ami celebrated the article. It’s good that Lauder is stirring; but how much information does anyone need? When is enough enough? The Kishinev massacre in 1903 spurred international action by Jews against Russia after pictures were rushed out to the London and New York papers (by Zionists). Palestinians have experienced pogroms for 50 and 70 years and American Jews still cannot turn against the religious ideology that animates this settler: the idea of a Jewish national home on someone else’s land.

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“Jews still cannot turn against the religious ideology that animates this settler ….” The settlers do NOT represent a religious ideology, they represent a racist political ideology. Please refrain from conflating Zionism and Judaism, because that is the only way that the Zionists keep getting away with their crimes against… Read more »

In the UK, anyone letting their dog off its lead in the presence of grazing animals would be in serious trouble with the law; and the livestock owner would be within his/her rights to shoot the dog.

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Terrorist from Havat Mor outpost sicks attack dog on Palestinian herd of sheep

Should read –
“Sick Zionist terrorist sicks attack dog …”
although “sick” and “terrorist” are redundant,
they’re part of being Zionist.

It’s quite common for settlers to attack animals belonging to Palestinians. Not just grazing animals but sometimes pets. Don’t think I’ve see them using a dog to do it before (I may just have forgotten) – they usually hit the animals with sticks or run them over, but I would… Read more »