On June 21, Jon Lansman, chair of Momentum (UK) and senior member of the UK Labour Party, will deliver a lecture in Tel Aviv on ‘Corbyn, Labour and Israel-Palestine’. Ofer Neiman writes: “Jon Lansman works hard to police the debate on Palestine, for the privileged few rather than the many. The policy which Lansman wants to impose on the UK Labour Party is the epitome of ‘Progressive Except Palestine’. Supporters of the Palestinian cause – a struggle for justice and full equality – would do well to challenge Lansman and his partners instead of viewing them as allies.”

Ofer Neiman, an Israeli who has spent years fighting for Palestinian equality and against apartheid, describes the experience of being ostracized within his country. “The anti-apartheid camp in Israel is simply way too small. So we desperately need to communicate with the outside world. And for those who seek justice and full equality in Palestine/Israel, Mondoweiss empowers via information, commentary and action alerts. The sense of utter isolation is why I’m writing to urge your support of Mondoweiss today.”

Segregation is a state whereby people are separated and isolated by race or ethnicity. When separation is the outcome of decades of systematic policies and practices, segregation can surely be considered involuntary. In Israel, segregation determines the Zionist class system and goes largely unquestioned. The challenge at the forefront of civil rights is how to rewrite Israel’s racial space divisions as something other than a foregone conclusion.