they use Palestine

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they use
for target practice

the arms dealers
and the twin

they prepare
us for their atrocities
with coded
words and bland

100 snipers
train their bullets
2 million pinned
in an occupied
hell hole

the massacre
of children is
they say

the prisoners
would not
be calm

and with this twist
of a lie
they erase
decades erase
years erase
months and days
of persistent

the very people
who should know better

we carry our holocaust
with such determination
and yet

how easily we forget
we were the prisoners
not so long ago

we claim warsaw
we claim uprising

and now, now,

we have become
our own
miserable nightmare

experimenting the
latest weaponry
of war
on fenced in
old men, pregnant
women, toddlers

the humanity of our
neighbor and
our own

as we arm
the world
and fill beyond
overflowing the pockets
and prayers
of predators

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I don’t understand why God would cry. If He (She?) is upset about something then let Him get up off His backside and put it right. He is all-powerful, after all. It is only we mortals who need to cry when we feel especially powerless.

MSNBC Morning Joe, this morning, dissing Trump for abandoning Syria to Iran, Russia, ISIS; he acknowledges we don’t want to be the world’s policeman as we’ve been in Iraq, Afghanistan–not a word about neocons or Israel. Nothing about #Gaza turkey shoot of non -violent occupation protesters….