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Without your help, we lose some of our punch

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I hear regularly from people like you, who value the reporting and analysis provided by Mondoweiss. But this summer, as we push to raise the funds for more news, there are hundreds of past supporters we haven’t heard from yet.

Donate to MondoweissWe are going to end our current campaign in the next few days. Of course, any support you care to give will be welcome at any time—but right now, it will make even more of a difference. We’re about to start our new budget year, so the funds we have now shape our plan for how we’ll serve you all year long.

With your help, Mondoweiss can grow our coverage of

Our donors in North America received a Mondoweiss poster this summer—a powerful visual document of the Great March of Return, showcasing the work of talented Palestinian photojournalists. Check out the poster (full size is 8 ¾” wide x 23” high) in the Mondoweiss store, where it’s priced to cover our costs. But if you give $25 or more by August 10, we’ll send you a poster at no charge with our thank you letter!

If everyone who reads Mondoweiss regularly could give today, the investment would total tens of thousands of dollars. And all the gifts we receive in response to this message will go directly toward paying Palestinian reporters, photographers and videographers.

Donate to MondoweissOn behalf of hundreds of people who deliver news and commentary through Mondoweiss, I thank you for your gifts that make our work possible. Without reader support, independent news cannot thrive. Without reader support, the truth cannot be shared around the world. But with your commitment, Mondoweiss can play its vital role in supporting and strengthening the movement for justice in Palestine.

Thanks for all you do.

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ISTR there used to be an option to donate via Paypal. Does this no longer exist? (I only use my Credit Card, which has a strict voluntary spending limit for select purchases where no other option exists.) If your current donation network does not support Paypal, could I just send… Read more »

Hi, @Koshiro. I don’t know if we ever had a PayPal donation option, but I can tell you the reason we don’t now: PayPal provides services to illegal settlers on the West Bank but not to Palestinians in the West Bank or in Gaza. Would you be able to send… Read more »

Adam: you state clearly in the article that “And all the gifts we receive in response to this message will go directly toward paying Palestinian reporters, photographers and videographers.” Earlier, you say “With your help, Mondoweiss can grow our coverage of…” with less specificity. Please clarify. Are you sequestering donations… Read more »